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KB09073001 Mailtraq as an Anti-spam perimeter server

Using Mailtraq to be the front-end or email (SMTP) gateway for another mailserver - say Microsoft Exchange.  The purpose of this is to take advantage of Mailtraq's spam control, detailed logging, to provide a security perimeter to the other mail server.

Mailtraq provides a very cost effective solution combining anti-spam and anti-virus at a fraction of the price of other methods.


You should be using Mailtraq or above.

Install Mailtraq as the perimeter mail server, set to the same domain as the Local Mail Server.

Do not configure any users.

Set Options | Server | LAN to only have    and  the specific Local IP Address of the Local Mail Server

Incoming Messages

Set Options | Outgoing Mail to use a custom route.
In the Custom Routing Table create two routes.
The top route must send all mail for the domain to the Local Mail Server.
Below it create a fall back route - * - to send all other mail out via MX Resolution.

Set Options | Incoming Mail to place all undelivered mail in the Outbox.

Outgoing Messages

Set the Local Mail Server to send using the Mailtraq machine as its Smart Host (SMTP server).

Local messages will be handled by the local mail server, but messages for other domains will be sent on to Mailtraq.

Issues to deal with

Ensure that:
DBL-checks and
are enabled,

along with ClamAV anti-virus.

Be careful with setting the spam controls. You should set these to reject messages (which is best practice) or ensure there is a local user and mailbox created to handle diversions.

If you create a local mail box you must periodically purge it to avoid a build up of messages over time by using the Mailbox Archive-tab set to delete after a set amount of time.

You also need to manage delivery failure notifications and other similar server generated messages from Mailtraq.

Set Options | Incoming Mail | Archive Passthrough
generally as indicated in the image to the right.

External Mail Archive

Also - be aware you can use of Mailtraq as an External Mail Archive for almost any other email server.

Read more here:






If you are simply using Mailtraq as a perimeter server with no local users then you only need a Mailtraq Professional 5-user license (the smallest Pro license).

If you are using it for Archiving, or are storing local copies you need to match the license to the number of users.

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