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KB09103001 Working with Archives

Mailbox Archive

When you are working with IMAP (and webmail) and so leaving all your messages on the server you need to consider the Archive settings for the User's mailboxes.

Mailtraq does not archive mailbox content by default - so messages will stay in the User's mailbox forever. That is impractical in the long run as eventually the hard drive will fill up with aged messages, and before that you will start to see performance issues as Mailtraq has to load vast quantities of messages all the time. To obviate these issues Mailtraq provides mailbox archiving.

Each mailbox in an AFX installation has a pair of folders within the database - the live mailbox and its archive. Mailtraq moves messages from the live mailbox to the archive following the rules set in the Mailbox Properties | Archiving-tab. Once the message has been moved into the archive it is no longer visible in the User's IMAP email client or Webmail.

Recovering individual messages
Messages can be copied back into the live mailbox in three ways.

1 - The Administrator can search for specific messages in the Console by using the 'Search for Message ...' tool, and then use the Copy to ... function to move a copy of the message into the live Mailbox.

2 - The user can use the search function within both Standard and Enhanced Webmail to search for an email and then copy that to their live Inbox.

3 - The User can use a tool built into Enhanced Webmail to be able to browse their Archive and then Copy the message back into their live view, whereupon it will also become visible in their IMAP client. Webmail is used for this recovery purpose even if the user normally only uses say, Outlook or Thunderbird to view their mail.

Note that messages can only be copied back - not moved or changed. This is for email archive record integrity compliance.

Recovering the entire mailbox archive
The archived mailboxes exist in the Mailtraq Database in:
C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\mail\archive
with one AFX file for each user.

To recover all messages from the archive, first disable archiving on the mailbox (so messages don't rapidly expire to archive again), and then use Tools | Message Import to import from the archive AFX file.

System Archive

Messages will stay in the Archive folders forever by default unless the System Archive rules are set in the Console in the Options menu.

How you handle aged archive files can have legal implications depending on your organization's regulatory environment.
The Mail Administrator should obtain guidance from the organization's Executive on the policy set here.

Mailtraq can be set to Keep messages, to Delete them or to Export them to disk.
The default export location is here: C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\extarchive

Messages are exported in AFV/IDX pairs for storage elsewhere. Should the need arise these messages can be reimported to a mailbox created for that purpose using the normal Message Import Wizard. The age specified on the System Archive-tab refers to the Message Age (i.e. the length of time for which the message has been in the database) and not the length of time it has been in the archive.

For example:
You may have a mailslot that archives mail after one month and a mail retention policy of two months.  What this means is that mail will move from the mailslot to the archive after one month, and will then be deleted from the archive after one more month.

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