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MMC Console

The console provides the primary user interface for all the features in Mailtraq. It also provides a real time display of Mailtraq's activities and enables all stored messages to be viewed. Also, every Mailtraq feature which is configured via property dialogs can be accessed via the console. The console is based on the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

The MMC Console system-tray icon indicates whether or not the MMC Console is connected to the Mailtraq Service.

It also gives access to the Mailtraq Monitor tools.
If the system-tray icon is not displayed when expected you may run the Mailtraq Monitor program from Windows Start | Programs.


Opening and Closing the Console

Mailtraq uses a Windows MMC service snap-in control.

The Mailtraq Console is normally accessed by right-clicking the Mailtraq icon in the System Tray, by the clock, and select 'Mailtraq Console'.

Run the Mailtraq Monitor program after installation if the management console icon does not automatically appear. 

You may also access the Mailtraq Console from the Windows Start Menu as shown in the above illustration.


The MMC Console can also be used on NT/XP/2003 machines for general administration in place of the Traditional Console in Mailtraq 2.16 and above.

A view of the MMC Console 



Using the MMC Console for Remote Access

Remote management

See - Remote management...



Upgrading procedure for MMC/WiX Editions of Mailtraq

Always be sure to have a full and valid backup of your database folder before upgrading.



Download the WiX/MMC version of Mailtraq from the Latest Releases page.

1.) Close the Mailtraq Console if it is open.

2.) Use the Monitor icon (right-click) to 'Stop Service'.
Allow the service to stop (there may be transactions in progress).
     You will see the icon change from a 'green arrow' to a 'red bar'.

3.) Exit the Monitor program by clicking 'Exit'

4.) Run the MMC/WiX setup download.


The system tray icon should come back by itself, but if necessary you can start it from:
Windows Start | All Programs | Mailtraq | Mailtraq Monitor



If normal upgrade method is interupted or fails for any reason to complete then:

  1. Shut down the Mailtraq Service (if it is still running).
  2. Take a copy of the Mailtraq Database folder as a safe-guard.
  3. Uninstall the 'Mailtraq Messaging Server' using the Windows Control Panel 'Add and Remove Programs' 
  4. Install the new download.
  5. You may archive or discard the database copy

All configuration and data is retained during the uninstall/install process.



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