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KB10111801 IMAP UID errors

IMAP UID settingYou see an 'error' message when using Outlook that reads:

"The UID of a message changed unexpectedly. This typically indicates a server bug.
Your program may not function properly after this."

First check that you are using the serial number for the UID
See dialog:

If that setting is correct (checked [x]) then this is not a server error at all.

This most often occurs on older versions of Outlook where mail is being accessed by more than one device - say a desktop Outlook and webmail, or a desktop Outlook and a mobile device, or an Outlook at the office and an Outlook at home or on a laptop.

In any of the above, a piece of mail is either deleted or moved to another folder, and the complaining Outlook (which has a cache of the UIDs) finds that the 'next' UID has changed. As that Outlook believes it has total control of the mail it thinks that there must be an error - and that error must be the server - hence the report.

The report is really only saying that a message has been moved (or Outlook believes it has moved) from where Outlook expected it to be, and may be safely dismissed.

Users of older versions of Mailtraq should upgrade to the latest version ( or above) where an update to the Mailtraq IMAP service prevents message list reloads in response to asynchronous change notifications which mitigates this Outlook behavior.

Outlook Profile Corruption

This error message can also occur if the user's Outlook Profile has become corrupt - causing Outlook to lose track of the correct UID sequence. Microsoft provide the following advice on Profile repair:

Outlook email profiles explained          How to understand the repair feature



General IMAP Configuration

Smartphone access to IMAP

If you are using smartphones to directly access mail we recommend upgrading to build 2640 or above.

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