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KB11030301 Importing Outlook PST files

Use the Message Import Wizard


In most situations the Message Import Wizard will import PST files for you in a trouble free manner.

If for some reason the Import Wizard fails, you can proceed with the following manual methods.


Alternate methods



Method 1 - preferred

In some protected modes Windows may prevent Mailtraq from importing via the Console. This is typically an issue with recent versions of Windows.

If that is an issue in your environment then you should use this stand-alone utility run on the Mailtraq machine itself which does the same process.

Ensure you have already created a matching User for each PST file you are going to import.

Running the Utility will present you with a 'Outlook to Mailtraq Export Wizard'


Requires Mailtraq version: or above

Outlook license is required
In order to import messages from an Outlook pst file Microsoft licensing requires that a recent version of Outlook for desktop (not Office 365) must be installed on the same machine as Mailtraq.



You must create the users in Mailtraq before beginning the import process.



Method 2 - alternate


Extracting and Importing

Step 1 - Download and unzip into a folder the PST2AFV utility.


Step 2 - Place the Outlook PST file that you want to import in the same folder

Step 3 - At a Command Prompt set to that folder run as follows:

For example, given a PST file called 'outlook.pst'

pst2afv -s outlook.pst -d outlook.afv -f outlook

That will produce three items:

  -  this file contains the Folder data. This file has no extension.

Repeat for each PST file you wish to import.
Set each output to the Username of the Mailtraq mailbox you will be importing to thus: 

pst2afv -s outlook.pst -d example.afv -f example


Ensure you have a matching User for each PST file you are going to import.

Shut Mailtraq down.

Locate the folder C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\configuration\mailfolders

and place all the Folder data files in there.

Restart Mailtraq.

Run the Message Import Wizard using the: "Mailtraq .AFV/.IDX Mailbox Format (valid index)" option  to import the example.afv files in turn, using the Wizard Option to use source folders to ensure that the imported messages are placed in the correct folders.

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