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KB12041301 Change message Reply-to Address


How to change or set the Reply-to Address on all outbound messages
- Your Mailtraq runs several domains, say a group of related companies.
- Mail comes in from users of those companies to Mailtraq and is sent onwards.
- The "Reply-To" field needs to be set according to rules based on the individual account name and the company name so they are consistent.
This solution is based on using the Mail Group feature of the main Console. 
Have the appropriate name set in the Mailtraq account and make the primary (blue) mailbox of that account a member of a group based on the company domain name.  
The Group's Description-field would be the company domain name.  
Then you need a script that finds all mail sent from a local domain and sets the Reply-To: field to
"(MailtraqAccountName) - (MailtraqGroupName) <MailtraqAccountAddress>".
Note that the domain name is taken from the Mail Group Name and the company name from the Mail Group Description.  The sender's full name is taken from the 'Name/Description of Mailbox' for the matching Mailslot (not the 'Mailbox Name' = username).
Once setup the administrator only needs to change the details in the user interface in the main Console.
Copy the necessary script.  Open
Open the script page and copy and paste the contents into a Notepad document.
Save the file as: setreplyto.mtq
Copy setreplyto.mtq to the "scripts" directory. 
Normally located at C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\scripts
In the Console go to: Options | Scripts & Templates
Select the Scripts-tab. You should see the setreplyto script there
Go the the Automated Scripting-tab
Use the [Create] button to add an entry in "Automated Scripting"
Set the Description to be 'Change Reply to'
Select setreplyto from the drop down list
Set Script Trigger to 'Message Trigger'.
Select the Message Trigger-tab
Set to 'All messages'
[x] Script will modify the message.
Then click the [OK] button back to the Console.
And test.
Mail Group Properties Setting
Mailboxes not Users
Note that you are working in the Mailboxes/Mailslots part of the Tree - not the Users section. 

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