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KB12061501 Outlook - integrating autoresponder

This feature is available from Pre-release build  See how to Upgrade your Mailtraq


Set the Mailtraq Autoresponder (Out of Office AutoReply) direct from Outlook.


This feature is an installable package similar to the Mailtraq Outlook Synchronizer. It enables an Outlook user to enable and disable the autoresponder (out of office notifier) from their Outlook client.

A small helper program is downloaded and installed at the client machine. This will add a 'Configure Mailtraq' button to the Outlook display. The location of the button depends on the version of Outlook. The example shown is from Outlook 2007.



The Mailtraq User must have either "Administrator" or "Change Autoresponder" privileges.

Shutdown Outlook



Download the package and unpack it to a directory or folder - \MailtraqOutlookAddin on each Outlook machine.

Download  (MailtraqOutlookAddin.exe)

We suggest you create a folder, thus:

C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\MailtraqOutlookAddin

Register the .dll

Open a Command prompt and change directory to that folder, for example:

cd c:\Program Files\Mailtraq\MailtraqOutlookAddin

Then, at the command prompt enter and run:

regsvr32 outlookaddin.dll

Windows will respond with a dialog saying that you have succeeded.




Start Outlook

You will see a new 'control' called Configure Mailtraq.

The location will be different depending on the version of Outlook. You can drag the button to your preferred position.


Select the button, and a Mailtraq Account dialog will open.


Set the Mailtraq Server location and the Username and Password matching the Outlook email account login at Mailtraq.





The Mailtraq Account dialog will now have an additional tab 'Autoresponder'.


Set the automatic response.


In operation, messages are still received by the recipient (the Outlook user) but the automatic response is sent to the sender.









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