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KB13040101 Rebuilding a corrupt Configuration


Restore from backup
If your main configuration becomes corrupted you should always first attempt to restore it from your last known good backup.

How to restore a configuration...

Corrupted user mapping


"...all my users have become attached to the Admin account as well as showing in the mailboxes section - and they are all flagged 'red'."


If you have no valid backup then you can attempt to restore the correct relationships between your users, orphan mailboxes, address-books and calendars as follows.

Use the Tools | Backup Configuration to capture the present state of your Configuration.
Do not skip this step!

Download and unpack the 'fixownerships' script [Download]

Then, in the Mailtraq console, go to Tools | Execute Script

When the script window opens, go to File | Open...
and select/open the fixownerships.js that you unpacked from the download.
It will open in the window and look similar to the image (shown after execution).
Fire the script at Script | Execute in that window
It will offer you a list of corrections, first of mail, then calendars and addressbooks.
And that should put your ownerships right.
Once you have confirmed that your Configuration is working normally, immediately take a backup using Tools | Backup Configuration

We also recommend saving a copy of this 'known good' Configuration to an external thumb-drive.


Manual Method

If the script is too scary, then you can do the association by hand.

In the Mail | All Mailslots section of the console tree, select each red-flagged mailbox in turn.

Right-click, Properties.

In the Mailbox Properties | Mailbox-tab, locate the Owner dialog box.

It will be set to [Admin]

Select the correct Owner from the drop down list

Click [OK]

It will be updated, but the Console will still show it as Red.

Right-click on 'All Mailslots', click [Refresh]

The mailbox will turn blue, and will be fixed.

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