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KB14030401 Advanced Archiving - Archive Quota

Archiving based on Time

Mailtraq archives messages by default based on time - how long a message has been in storage.

In some large situations, such as a large installation, you may want to archive based on database file size in order to limit the overall size of the mail database.


Archive Quota

Archive Quota settings are made directly in the configuration files. There is no Console access. This functionality is available for AFX databases from Mailtraq build 3362 and above.
On a large installation it is expected that nearly all users will have the System Default setting. This means that you only need to make the configuration change in one place - in the system.cfg  - for all users who have the Default setting.
Then, for the small number of users who have a different archive setting you set that in each individual mailbox and mailbox.cfg
When you /Import/ users (or use Active Directory) to create Users in Mailtraq you may use a mailbox as a 'Template' - all mailboxes will be created with the same settings as the 'Template'. The User settings are important as well - make sure the user settings reflect what you want to happen.
So, create a user and mailbox that will act as a template for all your other users. It should have the archive settings that you want. Then, when you Import your list of users make sure you set the template to that mailbox.
You /could/ have more than one template mailbox and user, so you could import in batches, using different templates. However, it is usually the case that nearly all users have the same settings, and only a few individuals have 'special' settings.
There is more information here:
Archive Quota Settings - method
For this to work effectively you must be sure you have set up Database Maintenance correctly.
You should also make sure you have configured Mail Groups:
and have enabled Mail Group Maintenance
to automatically remove deleted and junk items.
"ArchiveQuota" appears in the .cfg files for the >Mailslots. Please see the attached image.
Is is important to decide whether you are setting individual archive rules, as in this example, or setting a system wide rule (the method is the same) or a combination of both in different mailboxes. 
For example, if you have a system wide setting on quota (size), but have a custom mailbox properties archive setting in the Console, then the Console setting will over-ride the System setting.
1 - Before you start you must take a backup of your Configuration, so you can step-back if you make a mistake. This is very quick and easy to do. See: backupconfiguration
2 - Next - Stop the Mailtraq Service. it is essential that the Mailtraq Service is stopped when working on the Configuration files otherwise database corruption may occur. 
3 - Then, make these setting changes.
Then locate the \mailslots folder.
It is normally at C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\configuration\mailslots
Each mailslot (mailbox) has two files
You will be working with the .cfg configuration file
(The .cfb is an internal reserve copy of the same file.)
This is a simple text file.
Locate the 'ArchiveQuota=0' entry as shown in the attached image.
This value (if non-zero) determines, in megabytes, the cutoff size for archiving.  
4 - Save the file.
5 - Start the Mailtraq Service.
So if you are archiving 6 months and ArchiveQuota=1000 (1gb roughly) then Mailtraq will runthrough the afx file in date descending direction and once either 6 months is reached OR 1gb of accumulated message size, it will start expiring mail until it reaches the end.
AFX File Size
The afx file does not get any smaller after archive and expiry (because it is a database-file-structure) but space will become available for re-use.


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