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KB15020301 Decoding MD5 Hash Usernames


Decoding usernames with dots

If you have users with compound names (first and last, or last and first) it is recommended that a naming convention using a - (dash or minus sign) is used 

If you name Users with a 'dot' (period/full stop) between the first name and last name - like this  'first.last'  then Mailtraq MD5 encodes the name as you see. This is because the 'dot' would get interpreted as part of the address. This makes it harder to identify visually in the configuration.

It is possible to use a helper program to create a table  showing which user matches which encoding.

1.) You enable the functionality in Mailtraq by running this:

This will install and register the MailtraqRemote DLL

2.) Download and extract the md5output.js file from this zip file:


Place the md5output.js file in the main Mailtraq folder.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mailtraq

You should see the files in the Mailtraq folder:


3.) From a Command Prompt  (Run as Administrator) run:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mailtraq>"c:\windows\syswow64\cscript.exe" md5output.js

The output is a table showing which user matches which encoding.


Admin Console Password

This script assumes that there is no Admin Console password.

1 - Temporarily remove the Console Password

On your Mailtraq temporarily remove the Admin Console password - and stop/start the Mailtraq service - then run the  script - then set the password again.


2 - Add password to script

If you have an Admin password you need to adjust the script as follows.

Make a copy of md5output.js

Open in Notepad, and then edit the line near the bottom:

mtq.Login("", "", "");

and insert the username (probably admin) and password between
the "".


Exchange for the original .js file.

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