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KB02050201 Troubleshooting unexpected dial-ups

There are a large number of settings in Mailtraq that control when and why it dials up to connect to the Internet. This article discusses how to trace these settings.

Mailtraq can go online for a number of different reasons - it may be scheduled to go online to collect mail or it may be going online to satisfy a proxy request. Also, Mailtraq will take advantage of an Internet connection if another program on the machine has started the connection (it will then be the responsibility of the other program to close the connection).

The first indication that the dial-up setup is not correct is often when a larger-than-expected phone bill arrives. If this gives itemised call details, try to spot a pattern - is it dialling up every hour, or on certain days of the week?

Once you know what you are looking for, it's time to examine the log files. If you haven't been recording log files, you'll have to start recording them, (Options | Server | Logging) and return to the problem when they have had a chance to accumulate.

The log files are normally stored in
C:/Program Files/Mailtraq/
and have a name like LOG_05.TXT where the 05 means it is for the 5th of the month.

In the log files you are looking for three things:

  • The events just before the connection
  • The connection start time
  • The disconnection time

Of these, the events just before connection are most interesting, as they may have triggered the connection. The events during the connection are of less interest, as Mailtraq will often take advantage of a active connection to check for mail and news, event if they weren't the reason for the connection itself.

If it isn't clear from the evidence in the logs it may be necessary to go through all the dialogs in the Mailtraq Console:

The Options | Dial-up dialog contains dial-up settings on the Schedules and the Schedule Options tab.

The Options | Services dialog should also be investigated, as many of the services have their own dial-up settings, and these can be triggered by client requests for their services.

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