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KB00022602 E-Mail Quickstart Guide

In this tutorial, we shall be configuring Mailtraq to act as a mail server for a small organisation with about five users. The steps will be...

  1. Create the Users
  2. Create Mailboxes
  3. Configure the Mail Settings
  4. Configure the Dial-up Settings
  5. Configure your Mail Clients

Before configuring Mailtraq you should already have arranged an account with an Internet Service Provider, and configured either a Windows Dial-Up Networking connection or installed a network router.

Creating the Users

  1. In the Mailtraq Console, go to Options -> Users
  2. Click on Add and enter the user's full name and a short login name.
  3. Enter the user's login password (remember it is case sensitive)
  4. Click on OK and repeat this for each user

Creating Mailboxes
  1. In the Mailtraq Console, go to File -> New -> Mailbox
  2. In the Mailbox Name, type a login used for one of the ssers entered earlier
  3. Enter the mailbox password (remember it is case sensitive)
  4. In the Name/Description, type the full user name from one of the users created previously
  5. In the Owner field, select the user from the drop-down list
  6. Click on OK and repeat for each user

 Configure the Mail Settings

  1. Go to Options -> Server
  2. In the Domain Name enter the primary domain name that you have registered (for example or If you don't have a domain name, read this
  3. In the Domain Aliases list enter every other name you can think of which either identifies the machine running Mailtraq, or is a domain that you want to manage mail for.

    As an example, you may have a separate dial-up account giving you the mail domain, but you have also purchase a domain registration Here mail may be addressed to either domain.

    The alternative machine names refer to the network names that might be used to access this machine on your network. For example, on a Windows network each machine has a short name (such as mail or server or python and so on. Also, you should add the IP Address of your machine (as it is known on your local network). This is something like (and if you haven't selected an IP address yet, this is a good choice for the first machine on your network). Don't confuse this IP address with that issued by your Internet Service Provider - that is used for machines outside your network.

  4. In the Mailtraq Console, go to Options -> Outgoing Mail
  5. In the Remote Mail Server field, enter the name your Internet Service Provider's mail server. This is usually something like or The mail server is also often described as an Outgoing Mail Server or SMTP Server.

Configuring the Dial-Up Settings

If you are connecting to your ISP with a modem or ISDN Terminal Adaptor, read this, otherwise skip to the next section

You will need to decide when, and how often, you wish to connect to the Internet automatically. You may wish to connect once every hour (during working hours) to check for new mail, and whenever there is outgoing mail waiting. In this example we will show you how to do this.

  1. Go to Options -> Dial-Up
  2. In the Phone Book list you will see your Dial-Up Networking Entries. Click on an entry that connects you to your ISP.
  3. Check the Internet Connection checkbox
  4. In the User / Host Name field, enter the user name assigned to you by your ISP. This is the same name that you may have used when configuring your DUN entry. Often it is similar to your domain name. Be careful not to confuse this with your mailbox name or mail name.
  5. In the Password field, enter your dial-up password
  6. Repeat this for any alternative DUN entries that allow you to connect to the Internet

  7. Go to the Schedules tab
  8. Click on Add
  9. Make sure that the correct Dial-Up Entry is selected in Dialup Connection
  10. Go to the Date and Time tab
  11. Select Every 0 minutes past the hour
  12. Check Only between these times and select the times 08:00:00 to 18:59:00
  13. Click on OK

  14. Make sure Enable Scheduling is checked
  15. Go to Schedule Options
  16. Select Auto-Schedule when outbound mail is waiting
  17. Enter 5 minutes in the Schedule within... field
  18. Click on the Automatic Schedule... button and ensure that the correct dial-up entry is selected, then press OK

If you are not using a modem or T/A to connect to the Internet, you are probably using a network router (such as an ISDN router or leased line).

  • If you have a permanent Internet connection (such as with a leased line) then go to Options -> Server and in the Online tab select Direct / Permanent Network Connection
  • If you have a temporary connection, which is available on demand (such as an ISDN router) then you should read this document...

Configuring your Mail Clients

A mail client is the application that lets you read and write e-mail messages. Examples include Microsoft Outlook, Netscape Communicator, Eudora, Pegasus, Forte Agent, etc. Each mail client is configured differently, so click follow one of the links below to read more :-

KB02012807 Outlook XP & 2003
KB02012801 Internet Explorer Mail (3.0)
KB02012802 Forté Agent
KB02012803 Eudora Mail
KB02012804 Pegasus Mail
KB02012805 Outlook '97
KB02012806 Outlook '98 and Outlook Express
KB05111704 Connecting mobile devices
KB06061301 Outlook 2000 - IMAP
KB07011601 Problems with Winmail.dat
KB08032501 Outlook 2007/10
KB08111701 Working with Blackberry Devices
KB08111702 Preparing a BlackBerry Device
KB08122901 Troubleshooting client connections
KB10111801 IMAP UID errors
KB16051301 IMAP Manual delete by UID
KB12052301 Connecting Fax/Voicemail to Email System
KB12061501 Outlook - integrating autoresponder

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