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KB00022804 The Aliases File

Create a text file named "aliases" (no extension and no quotes) in your \database\configuration folder.

If mail arrives addressed to and you want to send a copy to another address like you need to place the following entry in that file ...,

That is, the original destination address, followed by a colon, then a space, then the first destination address, then a comma plus a space, then the second destination address. This assumes that you also want the original recipient to receive a copy.

If there are too many destination addresses you can place them in a text file, one per line like this ...

..... and save the text file in the same directory as address.txt, or whatever. You can then replace the previous entry with the following line ... :address.txt

That is, the original destination address, followed by a colon, then a space, then a colon, then the filename containing the addresses.

Once you've created that file, Mailtraq will do all the rest for you, routing message copies internally and externally in accordance with the address arguments provided.

Here's the syntax definition in full:

entry       ::=     key ":" aliaslist
key         ::=     
aliaslist   ::=     alias { "," alias }
alias       ::=     address | ":" include
address     ::=      	
include     ::=     

The "include" text file must contain a single email address on each line.

Lines starting with a space or tab are appended to the previous line (for line wrapping)

Relative pathnames are added to the end of configuration directory ("aliases.ext" might be "c:\mailtraq\database\configuration\aliases.ext")

Comments may be included, provided they begin with a hash (#)

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