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KB01120803 When downloading large e-mails Mailtraq disconnects before completing

Users report having  a problem downloading large emails of over (3+)Mb - Mailtraq disconnects from the Internet before all the mail is collected.

Other symptoms of this problems are that multiple copies of emails are received, whilst other emails are not received at all.

The problem is a misconfiguration which is causing Mailtraq to terminate the connection to the Internet before the mail collection has completed.

Typically there are a number of emails awaiting collection, and Mailtraq collects a number of them. However whilst downloading the large message, the connection is dropped. When the connection is re-established at a later time, the messages already downloaded are downloaded again - and the collection will likely fail on the large message again. Only when the connection is held open for a longer time - for example when a user is browsing the web - will all the messages be downloaded.

Note: In Mailtraq 2, when collecting via POP3, messages are downloaded smallest first, so with this version it is likely only the large message will remain uncollected.


Check the settings of your dial-up schedules.

  • From the Mailtraq Console, choose Options | Dial-up. On the Schedules tab:
    Choose the appropriate schedule and click Edit.
  • On the Connection settings tab:
  • Increase the number of seconds in the Disconnect unconditionally after ...

To ensure Mailtraq does not stay on-line indefinitely, ensure the Disconnect after ... seconds of inactivity is set. Normally this is set to 120 seconds.

The other usual reason for POP3 collection failure is low timeouts on remote POP3 servers. The core problem is that the mail protocols are not optimised for transporting large binaries.

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