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KB03011001 Remote administration of the Mailtraq Console

Method 1 - Preferred

Current versions of Mailtraq, version 2.16 and above, provide full remote console access by using a remote instance of the Management Console (MMC).

See this page for details:


Method 2 - RDP - an Alternate Method

This method is suitable for older versions of Mailtraq, version 2.15 and below.

If you wish to remotely administer Mailtraq, you should use a version of Windows that allows you to connect to the primary session, such as Windows XP or 2003 where you use the inbuilt Remote Desktop facility.

The Mailtraq Console is part of the Mailtraq Service - it is not a separate application.  So if you log in using Terminal Services, you are starting a new session and a new copy of Windows Explorer.  Since Mailtraq will already be running (in another session) you will not be able to see the Console as Windows does not allow an application to switch between sessions.


Using Remote Desktop

Learn about using Remote Desktop (read more here ... )

Microsoft have made a revision in RDP operation (read more here ... )

Windows XP & XP SP-2 and older W2003
(using RDP version 5)

At a cmd prompt (Windows Start | Run) enter:-

mstsc -v:servername /F -console

mstsc is Windows Remote Desktop connection executable file,
-v indicates a server to connect to,
/F indicates full screen mode (optional),
-console is the instruction to connect to the console session.

For example: mstsc -v: /F -console

Windows XP-SP3, Vista, W7, W2008 and newer W2003
(using RDP version 6)

At a cmd prompt (Windows Start | Run) enter:-

mstsc -v:servername /F -admin

For example: mstsc -v: /F -admin

A simple batch file* on your local machine can simplify the connection.

Also read about:
How to Connect to and Shadow the Console Session with Windows Server 2003 Terminal Services
(Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 278845)

RDP operates over TCP port 3389. Therefore, to enable connectivity through a firewall/router you must open this port.


If you are using an older version of Windows without RDP then use a software tool that connects to the "screen" (e.g. VNC or pcAnywhere).

Free of charge

VNC or one of the clones such as

Payment required

One of the commercial remote access packages:


Configuration Tips for RDP



If you are working in a multi-user Windows environment either remotely or locally it can sometime become confusing in which Windows user-session Mailtraq is running. So:

Install Mailtraq and set to run as a service (Options | Server | Startup)
Reboot the machine to give a clean start.
Mailtraq will be running on start-up with nobody logged on.

Log on as Administrator, and then log off again (nobody logged on):
Mailtraq will still be running as a service.

Log off as Administrator, and log on as a User:
Mailtraq will still be running as a service.

You can directly stop and start the Mailtraq service from the Windows 'Run' command line:

To start Mailtraq, type: net start mailtraqserver
To stop Mailtraq, type: net stop mailtraqserver

*Batch File

Open Windows Notepad
Enter, on a single line by itself your variation on: mstsc -v: /F -console
Save the file, say to your Desktop - call it remote.bat
Double-clicking this file will launch the Remote Desktop, ready to log-in

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