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Mailtraq Essential


Ideal for small organisations wanting 'real' email addresses for each user - easy to setup and use - and very affordable!

This is our entry-level edition, providing email via SMTP, POP3 mailboxes, together with sophisticated Dial-Up Controls, Anti-Virus, Mailing List Management and Instant Messaging.

The Essential Edition is our most affordable email server. Remember, these prices are not annual fees, but for a one-off perpetual license. You'll also get 12 months upgrade protection for free, so you can keep up to date with future feature development.

This Edition does not include webmail, Groupware (calendaring, address-books and shared email) or anti-spam controls. For these features you need Mailtraq Professional

5 $75 £50
10 $135 £90
25 $265 £175
50 $399 £265
100 $569 £379
250 $629 £419
500 $829 £549
1000 $1129 £749
2000 $1249 £829
unlimited $1349 £899

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Feature Highlights

The Mailtraq Essential Edition contains all the features listed below. Some features are designed to be used in isolation, others work to extend others. All benefit from being part of a cohesive application  - with a central management console, integrated user permissions, and real-time activity monitoring.

Installing Mailtraq on your network gives you the power to take control of your email and Internet messaging needs - simply no compromises. Mailtraq runs on all current versions of Windows, including Windows 2003.

The Mailtraq E-Mail Services
Powerful Internet mail routing, local mailboxes, remote mail collection and many other mail handling facilities. These core facilities are the key to providing your organisation with professional email addresses. read more

News Services
NNTP Server, multi-host news collection and delivery, local news groups and news/mail gateways. read more

Mailtraq's anti-virus features include plug-in support and executable attachment filtering. read more

Mailing Lists
Subscription-by-mail, automated maintenance, discussion forums, digest server, distribution lists and secure lists. read more

Archives and Autoresponders
Automatic responses to user queries, remote access to information, vacation messages. read more

Dialup Facilities
Scheduled internet dialup and disconnection, ISDN and permanent connections, on-demand connections and dialup-logging. read more

Web and FTP Servers
Provide intranet web pages for access to documentation, with page indexing and searching. read more

The Mailtraq Web Administrator
Configure and administrate Mailtraq safely from any web browser, with facilities for users to read their mail, write messages, and manage their accounts. read more

Templates and Scripting
Create automatic responses, configure automated tasks and communicate with other programs. read more

Content Barring
This feature provides safe access to the Internet for your users by dynamically monitoring content. Banish unwanted explicit e-mails, and prevent visits to inappropriate material on the Web. read more

Instant Messaging
The Mailtraq Assistant provides directory access facilities and Instant Messaging with automatically generated transcripts. read more

Proxy (option)
Add the Proxy Option for a small additional charge and gain a powerful connection sharing service which not only gives everybody in your organisation access to the Internet, but also allows you to monitor and control that access. read more

Need more? Additional features, including Webmail, Calendaring, IMAP (keeping shared mailboxes on the server) and LDAP (address books), are available in the Professional Edition.

Mailtraq Highlights...
 SMTP Server     Mailtraq SMTP email server video IMAP Server     Mailtraq IMAP email Server video
 POP3 Server     Mailtraq POP3 email server video Proxy Server     Mailtraq proxy email server video
 Webmail Server     Mailtraq webmail email server video Mailing-list Server     Mailing list email server video
 Groupware Services     Mailtraq groupware email services video Spam and Virus control     Spam and virus control email server video


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