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Sales procedure

The reseller system is very powerful, and therefore can seem a bit complex to begin with, so please read the screens carefully, and if in doubt, please contact us and we'll go through the operations with you.

 A quick tour of your reseller account

You access your Reseller account at From this website you manage your account with us and your customers.

Log-in with your username and password. (You may change your password at Change My Details)

You have a discount on your Mailtraq purchases. You may have a discount on a purchase for your own use AFTER you have purchased a license for use by one of your customers.

Please check that your Contact Details are correct - these define your account with us.

Look at your Home page. You will see four outlined boxes.

  • The top (orange outline) box describes YOUR Installations. That means the copies of Mailtraq you have bought for your own use - not for resale to customers.
  • The second (green outline) box is where you create customers of your own. It is important to create your customers here if you want to receive your discount.
  • The third (blue outline) box records your sales.
  • The bottom (pink outlined) box is where you would put account update codes from us. This is not often used.

 Making purchases for customers

To create a customer: put THEIR email address in the 'Add New customer' textbox in the orange outlined Customers box and click the [ADD] button.

The screen will change to THEIR view of You are looking at their account, so - you complete their details. Then go to Purchase/Try and 'buy' the edition of Mailtraq they want. The system will take you through the steps - to where you are ready to download Mailtraq.

You (they) are issued with a Temporary license which is fully functional for 30 days. Provided you get paid, and you pay us, the system will automatically convert the license into a Permanent one. You should not need to return to site. Click here for more details about how this works.

When you get paid, go to YOUR account at and click on the Authorizations button. There you will see a list of all licenses that your customers have bought from you, but which are still un-paid for.

Select the check-box, and authorize. This converts the license from Temporary to Permanent.
Please be careful - once you check the box and OK, you have entered into a binding agreement with US to buy the license.

How to pay US for your purchases is explained here

It may sound complicated - but it is a very versatile system. If you have any questions or problems simply email us

 Upgrading customers from Mailtraq 1 licenses

It is no longer possible to upgrade from an M1 license: a new Mailtraq license must be purchased

 The prices you charge

To get you started we have created an example price list which you should change, through your Price Lists page. You can  create extra price lists for specific customers, or create price lists which only last for a period. Please contact us for further details on setting these up - there are lots of possibilities.

Managing your 'Retail' price list

When you first get a reseller account we set up an Price List for you called 'Retail'. This is set as 'Open to all customers' - so all your customers will be able to buy from you at these prices. We strongly suggest you review the prices shown here, and amend them to suit your business model.

You may want to include a charge for setup, maintenance etc, as opposed to simply charging list prices, or alternatively if you are bundling Mailtraq with other services charged outside of this system, you may want to charge less.

To edit your price list:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click 'Edit Price Lists'
  3. Click 'Price List Editor' against the price list to edit

The screen will show two sections: the top section: "Resale Price List..." shows each of the Mailtraq licenses you can buy, along with the price (excluding tax) that you are charged, and the selling price that you charge.

To change the price for an item:

  1. Click 'Edit' against the item
  2. In the "Sell at" column, enter the new price
  3. Click 'Apply'.

The system of retail price lists described above is included in the system for your convenience, but there is no obligation on you to take account of it: you likely have other systems to manage the transaction between you and your clients. However, the system is quite comprehensive, and is there is you need it. Even if you don't use the retail price list aspect, you will still need to create separate user accounts (as described in 'Making purchases for customers' above) for each of your clients, to properly assign license ownership.

 Educational licenses

Mailtraq is often used in schools - it is ideally suited to the school environment, and many resellers find schools and colleges can be very good customers. Read more about Mailtraq in schools here.

There is a special license available for schools: However you will not find it on your price list - this is because it is a special purchase. Simply contact us to set up a sale for you, and you still get your resale discount.

 Terms and Conditions

Mailtraq sales are subject to these Terms and Conditions.


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