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Public access - webmail

Mailtraq is ideal for providing a public WebMail facility.

Zero-administation overhead

Mailtraq can be configured to allow automatic self-sign up, with the option to verify external email addresses. It will also clean up by expiring unused accounts after a specified period of inactivity. So once you've set the system up you can sit back and let it manage itself!

The system will even manage quotas if you wish to impose them, and you can benefit from Mailtraq's integrated anti-virus, anti-spam and content-control features to prevent abuse of and by your users.

Configurable interface

If you are offering a public service you'll want something in return, so we make it easy for you to add banner advertising and adapt the look of the service to match your existing site.

In fact, you get full script source-code to the WebMail system, so you can alter its look and behavior in any way you like.

Powerful interface

Your users will be delighted with the powerful options available to them - a set set of options not normally found in WebMail systems.

For example, the interface is multilingual, they can create unlimited folders, and set up filters to automatically sort their mail into them. There's a powerful spell-checker, and a built-in address-book system.

Recommended edition


 Mailtraq Professional Download Mailtraq Prices

Mailtraq Professional

You'll need the Professional Edition of Mailtraq to get the WebMail functionality. If you're offering a public service you'll almost certainly need the Unlimited user license.

This edition includes everything in the Essential Edition, and additionally has the strength to support a user base of thousands, with LDAP (address books), IMAP (keeping or sharing mailboxes on the server), and an extensible built-in WebMail System - where users can process their email direct from their Internet browser from anywhere in the world.