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Case Study - Clayton Reed Associates

Martin Clayton, a partner at Clayton Reed Associates, talks about their experiences with Mailtraq.

Company Profile

Clayton Reed Associates is a London based market research agency, specialising in business-to-business market research.


As an "ad hoc" research agency -- providing specific solutions to specific marketing problems (not a provider of multi-client "off-the-shelf" reports) -- we work to increasingly tight deadlines and need to remain highly flexible in our resource deployment. We rely on a number of Associates, desk research specialists, telephone and face-to-face interviewers - UK based and international - to support specific projects. In increasingly time-critical times, fast turnaround of enquires is one way we can almost guarantee new business. E-mail communication is essential to our ability to deploy our resources and turn around research proposals. We are also dependent on the Internet in a number of other ways; marketing - regular updates to our web site and search-engine ranking checks ensure that some of the best leads we've ever had come straight from our web site, for fieldwork implementations; surveys by e-mail, or, on-line searches (web and newsgroups), plus, to help with the not inconsiderable task of maintaining the network; applying software patches and upgrades to the suite of programs we use, acquiring technical support.

E-mail and web solutions need to be available for up to ten people in the office and we are heavily dependent on e-mail to communicate with customers, remote workers and suppliers. Web browsing and access to newsgroups is required for most of our research projects and our surveys are increasingly moving towards e-mail and web delivery. Our web site is now responsible for bringing in some of our best new prospects and customers (often, international).


Mailtraq provides a very neat solution to manage on-line time and provide the desktop connectivity.

As the person in charge of IT, my background is in marketing, not IT and getting connected to the Internet proved to be a daunting and sometimes bewildering task. It's easy to forget how perplexing it can be to navigate through the myriad of terms and protocols. Initially, using DOS based software and a standalone PC, we gained our first glimpse of the Internet. At the time our core interest was in e-mail, but not long after WWW access became an essential requirement across the network. Enter Mailtraq.

Mailtraq has proved to be an excellent all-round solution. From my perspective, its greatest feature is ease of use -getting a live system up and running proved easy, the package has a great look and feel has provided rock solid performance.

After evaluating a number of mail servers (and proxy servers), Mailtraq stood out from the crowd with its clean interface and completely easy, out-of-the-box installation. The other invaluable factor in the equation, has been the quality and depth of support offered by other Mailtraq users. Basically, Mailtraq has helped me shift from bewilderment to confidence in my ability to work out my requirements and get the best out of Internet connectivity. If you are new to the Internet, or networking, Mailtraq offers a great route.

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