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Creates a new user in the Console. If the optional argument mailbox is provided, a new mailbox is also created with ownership set to the new user. If the mailbox parameter is empty the properties of the new mailslot are all set to default (that is, as though File, New, User Mailbox, had been used from the Console). If the name of an existing mailbox is specified, the primary properties of that mailslot are copied to the newly created mailbox. NB: the password field of the new mailslot is always left blank.

uid := CreateUser( user , name , password [ , template [ , mailbox ] ] )

The new username to create as a string
The new user's full name as a string (e.g. Fred Bloggs)
The new user's password as a string
An existing username, as a string, used as a template to create the new user (optional parameter)
An existing mailbox name, as a string, used as a template to create the new user's mailbox (optional parameter)
An integer greater than zero if the specified new user was created successfully, otherwise zero.

Creates a new "fred" user with a user password of "bacon", copying user properties from the existing user "john" and mailbox properties from the existing mailbox "mbox-std"

246299589 := CreateUser("fred", "Fred Bloggs", "bacon", "john", "mbox-std")

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