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Creates a formatted output date and time string. The input can be a numerical (datenum) where the integer portion represents the number of days since 1900 and the fraction represents the time of day, or a date and time string (datestring) in a recognised format, for example the RFC2822 datetime stamp produced by the Now() function. If no input is provided, Mailtraq assumes the current date and time.

text := FormatDateTime( format [ , datenum | datestring ] )

A string employing one of more of the display formats defined below
A number representing date and time. If no date and time is specified Mailtraq assumes the current date and time
A recognised date and time formatted string
Formatted output date using the locale settings on the host machine

FormatDateTime("dddd, mmm d yyyy 'at' hh:nn", date)

Display Formats

d Single digit day number (1-31)
dd Double digit day number (01-31)
ddd Three letter day abbreviation (Sun)
dddd Full length day name (Sunday)
m Single digit month number (1-12)
mm Double digit month number (01-12)
mmm Three letter month abbreviation (Jan)
mmmm Full length month name (January)
yy Two digit year (99)
yyyy Four digit year (1999)
h Single digit hour (0-23)
hh Double digit hour (00-23)
n Single digit minutes (0-59)
nn Double digit minute (00-59)
s Single digit second (0-59)
ss Double digit second (00-59)
am/pm Displays "am" or "pm" using the local settings. The time is converted to 12 hour format
a/p Displays "a" or "p". The time is converted to 12 hour format
/ Displays the date separator for the locale
: Displays the time separator for the locale
'text' Text enclosed between single quotes is displayed literally
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