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Returns the value of a field in the directory record for a specified Mailtraq message file. The field must be one of those described below, some of which are applicable to certain file types only. Also, some are only available to files contained within the Mailtraq database.

value := GetFieldOfDirectory( path , filename , field )

The relative or absolute location of the mailslot file
The mailslot filename
A defined field in the mailslot file. See table below.
Field Type Applicable Directories Description
size Integer Any Directory The file size in bytes
date DateTime Any Directory The file creation date
subject String Any Indexed Directory The subject line from the message
to String Any Indexed Directory The addressee of the message
from String Any Indexed Directory The sender of the message
serial String Any Indexed Directory The unique serial number of the file
pop3_erased Boolean POP3 Collection Flag indicating if the message was erased
pop3_delete Boolean POP3 Collection Flag indicating if the message is marked for deletion
pop3_fetched Boolean POP3 Collection Flag indicating if the message was downloaded
pop3_download Boolean POP3 Collection Flag indicating if the message is marked for download

The following example uses the GetFieldOfDirectory() function to determine the arrival time of each of the messages in every mailbox.

That information is compared to the time of the last message collection for each mailbox and a report compiled and mailed.

a := CreateFile("mbox-info.txt");
  Write(a, LJ($1, 35) ++ LJ($2, 20) ++ LJ($3, 10) ++ LJ($4, 10))
TextOut("Mailbox","Last Collected","Total","Unread");
mbox_list := GetMailboxes();
For(mbox_list, "m_box",
  If(GetMailboxProp(m_box, "Type") = "MAILBOX",
      path := "mail\inbox\" ++ m_box ++ "\",
      collect_time := GetSystemVar("/mailslots/" ++ m_box ++ "/LastCollection"),
      new_msg := 0,
      file_list := GetDirectory("mail\inbox\" ++ m_box ++ "\"),
      For(file_list, "file",
        If(GetFieldOfDirectory (path, file, "Date") > collect_time,
          new_msg := new_msg + 1
        If(collect_time = 0, "Never Accessed",
          FormatDateTime("dd/mm/yy hh:nn", collect_time)
        ListCount(file_list), new_msg
PostMessage(MailServerAccount, AddressOf("postmaster"),
    Setheader("Subject", "Mailbox Activity Report"),
    MsgAddLine("\nReport Date: " ++ FormatDateTime("dd/mm/yy 'at' hh:nn") ++ "\n"),
    a := OpenFile("mbox-info.txt"),
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