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Returns information about subscribers to mailing lists. A list of subscribers to a mailing list can be obtained using the GetSubscribers() function. The information returned by this function is also available from the more versatile System Tree.

output := GetSubProp( list , subscriber , property )

A string consisting of the mailing list name which must be exactly as shown in the List Tab
A string consisting of the fully qualified address of a subscriber
A string consisting of one of the properties definitions below
A string containing the value held against the requested property or nul if list, subscriber or property doesn't exist
Property Property Description
Name Contents of the subscriber's Full Name field
Details Contents of the subscriber's Details field
Password Contents of the subscriber's Password field
ReplyTo Contents of the subscriber's Send-To Address field
Volume The recorded number of messages posted to the list by the subscriber
PostDate The date and time at which the subscriber last posted a message to the list

Count the number of subscribers to all mailing lists with a Reply-To address which differs from their subscription address

For(GetMailslots(), "box",
  If(GetMailboxProp(box, "Type") = "List",
    For(GetSubscribers(box), "sub",
      If(Not(SameAddress(sub, GetSubProp(box, sub, "ReplyTo"))), 
        i := i + 1
MessageDlg("There are " ++ i ++ 
  " subscribers with email and replyto addresses which differ")
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