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Pads text to a specified length by adding characters taken sequentially from a given pad string to the right of the input string. If the text is longer than the specified length, it is trimmed from the right as required.

output := LJ( text [ , length [ , pad ] ] )

The string to which the padding characters are to be added
Optional; the required length, as an integer, of the output string. If length is shorter than text , text is reduced to length for the output, otherwise characters are taken successively from pad until output reaches length. If length is not provided, a default of 70 characters is used.
Optional; the characters with which to pad text until length is reached. If pad is not given, the text is padded, if required, with spaces (ASCII 32) by default.
The string result of the function which is always length characters long.
//This example produces "text......" from "text"
LJ("text", 10, ".")
//This example produces "Six" from "Sixteen"
LJ("Sixteen", 3)
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