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Returns the number of lines in the current message body. Use this function to identify the range of valid line indices. For example, a value of '5' indicates that the message lines from '0' to '4' are valid.

lines := MsgGetLineCount()

The number of lines in the message body.

Rejects list messages over 200 lines long and composes a rejection notice to the author

If(MsgGetLineCount() > 200,
    your_id := Header("Message-ID"),
    your_date := Header("Date"),
    your_reply := If(Header("Reply-To") = "", 
    PostMessage("postmaster", your_reply,
        SetHeader("Subject", "Failed Message : list policy max 200 lines" ),
        MsgAddLine("The message you forwarded to this mailing list exceeded"),
        MsgAddLine("the maximum permissible of 200 lines."),
        MsgAddLine("Message-ID: " ++ your_id),
        MsgAddLine("Date: " ++ your_date)
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