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Outlook™ Synch


UPDATE: Mailtraq 2.11 introduced the new high efficiency synchronizer - MOS

Read more here ...


We recommend all users change to using

Mailtraq Outlook Synchronizer

when working with Outlook.



The following is provided for users of old versions of Mailtraq

MA will continue to provide instant messaging and desktop mail notification services. Prior to Mailtraq 2.11 MA also provided an Outlook synchronization service. This has been replaced by MOS and in due course the synchronization features of MA will be withdrawn.

The following information is provided as a reference to the previous service.

Mailtraq Assistant is the tool that allows you to set up Contact and Calendar sharing between MS Outlook users on your local network.

Mailtraq Professional provides each user with a Calendar and a Contacts directory (viewed in WebMail). Mailtraq Assistant connects each individual user's Outlook to the this central calendar and contact resource and allows Users to synchronize their own Calendar and Contact list with the main resource held in Mailtraq.

Users can then share Calendar and Contact information with colleagues.

PDA users can then sychronize with their desktop Outlooks in the normal way, and so be synchronized with the Organization's Contacts and Calendar.

Mailtraq Assistant must first be installed on each User's computer.

Outlook™ synchronization controls are to be found in the Actions menu of Mailtraq Assistant*.

MA Actions menu             Outlook synchronization 

Once the configuration has been set-up for the Address Books and Calendars, synchronization can be performed either on demand, from the Actions menu of Mailtraq Assistant, or set to take place automatically from the Synchronization tab in the configuration dialog box.

Synchronization tab

The Synchronization tab reports the time of the last synchronization. Items that have changed since the times listed will be copied during the next synchronization.

To avoid 'losing' data during a synch clear the times (using the [Clear] button) to ensure that no items are deleted during the next synchronization.

Automatic Synchronization

Enable this check-box and select the schedule you desire to have Mailtraq Assistant automatically synchronize.

The Synchronisation Process: 
Mailtraq Assistant uses timestamps to determine if an item needs to be synchronised.  If an item has been deleted (from either Mailtraq or Outlook) then the Assistant does not know if one side created it, or the other side deleted it.  It examines the "Modification Timestamp" and if it is later than the last synchronisation time, then it must be a new item.  Otherwise, it is an old item and must be deleted.
This normally works fine, but if you alter things (e.g.change the calendar being shared to another one) then the synchronisation times must be reset using the [Clear] button. 
This ensures that all items that exist only on Mailtraq or in Outlook are considered "new".
This function can also be used to recover an accidentally deleted item.



Configuration Tips


Uploading of large contact lists from Outlook may best be performed to the Mailtraq Directory server.

Use the Export functions in Outlook and then import the contact list using the Address Book Import Wizard in Mailtraq which is accessed from the Mailtraq Console | Options | Directory | Import.

*Minimum requirement: Mailtraq Professional, Version or above, Mailtraq Assistant or above.


Synchronization of Tasks/To Do is not yet supported.
MA may require English language versions of Outlook.


Note - if a suitable version of Microsoft Outlook is not found then the synchronization options will not be shown in MA


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