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Eight Reasons

Interested to know the top reasons people choose Mailtraq? Both IT administrators and users find Mailtraq offers an attractive performance and value combination:

[1] Low license cost

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by existing users is ‘Given how powerful it is, why is Mailtraq priced so low?’. There are several reasons.

  • By keeping prices low, more people can afford the software, and we’re happy to make a small amount of money from lots of sales rather than a lot of money from just a few.
  • We keep our costs down on things that don’t benefit you, so we don’t spend money on TV advertising, billboards or expensive ad campaigns. We let the software speak for itself.
  • We want you to feel Mailtraq was a good purchase, and willingly come back for more of our software in the future.

[2] Low total cost of ownership

We also know that the software license is only part of the ‘total cost of ownership’. Other significant costs will be the hardware, and the human-resources to support it. Hardware costs are reducing year-by-year, but good technicians are becoming more expensive. That’s why we’ve worked hard to keep the support costs down. A large Mailtraq installation can be setup and configured in less than a day, compared for example with Microsoft Exchange, which can take weeks to get running, and needs constant on-going tinkering by experts.

[3] Feature-rich but not overkill

We’ve listened carefully to our customers to understand exactly which features are of value, and which just get in the way. By concentrating on providing you with those features that you need, and keeping the screens clear of unnecessary extras, the software is easy to learn and use.

This means you don’t need to have someone go on a course to learn how to manage the software, and your support costs are kept down. This doesn’t mean Mailtraq is lacking in features, far from it. A full list of Mailtraq features is available at, however a summary of the essentials includes:

  • Standards-compliant email and messaging handling
  • Supports Outlook, Outlook Express and all other compliant email clients.
  • Anti- virus plug-in protection.
  • Anti-spam plug-in support.
  • A powerful built-in WebMail client for access to email and contacts from your browser.
  • LDAP shared address-book – supports Outlook / Outlook Express
  • Shared Calendars with Outlook synchronisation.
  • Shared Address Books with Outlook synchronisation.
  • Sophisticated and flexible mailing list support.
  • Customer Relationship Management support.
  • Instant messaging – auditable and integrated for corporate control.
  • Integration with Windows user security database.
  • Powerful scripting languages.
  • Easy backup / restore or configuration and mail stores.

[4] Addressing the threat of viruses

With email comes the threat of viruses, but with Mailtraq you’re in a strong position:

Zero virus alerts

Maybe because no-one has got round to it, or maybe because its been written from the start with security in mind, we’re not aware of a single virus designed specifically to attack Mailtraq. As such, we don’t need to constantly bombard you with security patches, and your support costs are kept down.

Open, documented anti-virus architecture

Of course we’re not complacent, and you can rest assured that not only do we work to ensure that Mailtraq remains secure, but we also build in systems to keep your other more vulnerable software as secure as we can – so we’ve added in anti-virus detection plug- ins, and crucially we’ve made our architecture open and documented so third party vendors and users can easily add in further layers of security.

[5] Standards-compliant –Microsoft are just a small part of the Internet

The major reason to install a mail server is, of course, to communicate, and for email, this means the software must speak the industry-standard protocols – POP3, SMTP, IMAP, etc fluently. It’s not just enough to assume that every other user will be running the same operating system as you are, with the same software. By doing so you may be cutting yourself off from large number of potential contacts, who can’t read your emails or open your attachments.

With Mailtraq, you can be assured you are using a program whose developers have actually read and understood the nuances of the relevant standards, and provided software which will communicate with the widest range of other systems (even the less well-written ones!)

Of course Microsoft would have you believe that their proprietary MAPI ‘standard’ is the last word, but even they admit that when you need a reliable scalable solution, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP are the only protocols to use.

[6] Upgrades - no ulterior motive – no up-selling or cross-selling

When you purchase a Mailtraq mail-server you can be sure that there’s an upgrade path that will suit your needs at a price that affordable. As we only make mail-servers there’s no danger that we’ll be motivated into ‘suggesting’ you upgrade your operating system or your hardware unnecessarily when all you want is a new version of the mailserver. Indeed, whilst it might not be a great idea, you can still run Mailtraq on Windows 98 if you really want to.

We’re independent and unbiased.

[7] Responsive development team

Your voice counts – whilst Mailtraq is an established product (shipping since 1997) and is installed in tens of thousands of installations, the developers still take time to listen and respond to individual feature requests.

Microsoft recently claimed to have reached a ‘milestone’ of 100 million seats, which is fine for them, but somewhat disconcerting if you are one of the millions trying to get your voice heard by the developers.

[8] World-wide reseller support

Mailtraq is distributed and sold around the world by resellers who have the expertise to install and support your installations. Resellers have access to in-depth support direct from the developers, so if there’s a problem you can be sure a solution will be forthcoming in the shortest possible time.

Of course many organisations find Mailtraq so easy to use that they don’t need to call on their resellers for support at all. (One reseller, which intended to make their income solely from support, was so upset by the lack of support calls that they dropped Mailtraq in favour of an inferior product so they could gain more support hours at their customers’ expense - a strategy which, as you might expect, back-fired).

Mailtraq really does put its users first.

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The information contained in this document represents the current view of Enstar Ltd on the issues discussed as of the date of publication. As market conditions may change and we must respond to those changes it should not be construed as a commitment on our part, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information after the date of publication. This document is for informational purposes only. ENSTAR MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. Mailtraq is either a registered trademark or trademark Fastraq Ltd in the United Kingdom and/or other countries. Microsoft, Exchange, Outlook and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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