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Help | About Mailtraq Dialog


Accessing the 'About' dialog

You can check the status of your Mailtraq by opening the  'About' dialog box.

The 'About ' dialog can be opened in two ways.

    1. Right-click on the Mailtraq icon in the System Tray
      (the lower right corner of your screen): About...
    2. Go to Tools | License Information in the Mailtraq Console,
      or Help | About Mailtraq in older versions

System Tray


Tools Menu

Mailtraq will present the dialog box below.

When your Mailtraq license is updated, for example on purchase, or on an upgrade, you may be instructed by Sales or Support to click the [Refresh] button. This forces your Mailtraq Installation to 'refresh' its license status and enable your service.
You must be connected to the Internet*.



'A' - indicates which Version (2.7.1) and Build (1936) of Mailtraq is installed.
       Mailtraq can be configured to use either of three different database structures: AFV, Firebird SQL or AFX.

Database in use
If you are using Firebird SQL you will see: Firebird SQL/RDBMS.
If you are using AFX you will see: AFX Database Engine
If you see AFV or no entry at all in this position is means that you are using the AFV data stucture.
Read more about databases: here ...

'B' - tells you about the Mailtraq license you are using, and when Upgrade Protection and Support expires.

'C' - the date that this Mailtraq Key was issued.

'D' - the Installation Id from your account at


How to Enter a new Installation Id

If you should need to change the Installation Id of your Mailtraq, simply click the [Enter new Installation ID]
button in the About Dialog and then follow the prompts. You will need to be connected to the Internet.


Installing without Internet Access

* If you wish to install Mailtraq in an environment that does not have a permanent or automatic Internet connection then you should download your key file and keep it on disk.





For New Installations

Store the key file on a USB thumb drive that you can take to the machine on which Mailtraq will be installed.

When Mailtraq is first run, it will ask for an Installation ID or Registration Key File (see image below).

Select the I have a Registration Key File option and enter the filename to your downloaded .key file.


For Existing Installations

If you have previously installed a key, and wish to upgrade to this key, you can download a registry patch.

Save the file to your machine, maintaining the .reg extension, and then run the file to update your registry with the new key.

Use the 64bit registry patch for 64bit editions of windows, otherwise use the 32bit patch file.

You will need to reboot the server after applying the .reg file.




How to access your account at

a. There is a link to your Account on the invoice you were emailed when you purchased Mailtraq: or,

b. You may log into your account with the email address you registered with originally, and your password.

If you received an email payment request it is the email address in the statement.
If you created a personal password for your account you should use that ...

or you may use the Installation Id of one of your Mailtraq purchases.

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