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This tab appears in the Mailbox Properties dialog and is used to configure what happens to messages after they reach a specified age. Mailtraq has two options for Archiving depending on the Database Mailtraq has been set to use: Firebird or AFX. The way messages are handled varies depending on the selection.


Current Mailtraq Systems
AFX has been the default option since March 2009, and is the recommended choice for nearly all users. 

It provides individual archives for each mailbox.

When you are using AFX, messages are moved from the mailbox to the matching archive in the database, based on the configuration set here in these Mailbox Archive-tab options and according to the Options | System Archive... settings. 

Accessing archived messages
Read about accessing Archived messages here.

Archiving Options

Expiry rules
Archiving can be processor intensive, particularly if you impose expiry to archive on a mailbox with a large volume of mail.

Configure your maintenance periods.

Mailtraq provides Database Maintenance controls to allow you to manage this process.
It is essential to configure suitable maintenance for the efficient running of your mail storage services.

Archive Settings

Do Not Archive this Mailbox

If this option is selected then messages will not be automatically removed from this mailslot

Use Default archive settings

If this option is selected then the archive settings will be taken from the default settings set in Options | System Archive...

Archive using settings below

If this option is selected then messages will be archived according to the settings defined on this tab.

Archive messages after...

This determines how old the messages must be before they are archived.  The age is defined by how long the message has been in the database, not necessarily how long it has been in this mailslot.  When messages are drag-posted between mailslots the age is reset (as the resulting message is essentially a new message that was forwarded).

Messages that have been recovered from the system archive are marked as no-archive (view Message Properties to see if this is the case for a message) and will never expire.

Notify Message Sender when Archiving

If this option is checked then a notice will be sent to the return-path of the message sender when the archiving or deletion takes place.  This would not normally be enabled and it is not Internet policy to send out such notices, but in specific cases where a mailslot is used as a queue for automatic notices.

Automated responses to mail messages can be regarded as a security risk in certain circumstances.

Forward when Archiving to...

Check this option to have the message sent to a specified e-mail address when the archiving takes place.  This address can be a regular Internet address or the name of a local mailslot. A copy is also Archived unless the following control is also enabled.

Delete Messages instead of Archiving them

'Delete option'
If this option is checked then messages will be deleted rather than being archived and will not appear in the system archive. This is the setting most often selected for a 'spam' or similar mailbox.

Archive a copy on arrival...

This enables an archive copy to be kept of messages that are otherwise forwarded to another destination

Archive to Mailbox

This enables the Administrator to create additional user-accounts for Users that they can subscribe to using IMAP and WebMail. See Live Archives

Archiving Advice
System administrators should have a mail retention policy in place that meets the regulatory needs of your industry. It is good practice to consult your organization's legal representatives on this policy to ensure that users do not retain messages longer than appropriate.

When does archiving take place?

Archiving will take place during a maintenance period
set at Options | Server | Database

If you opt to Postpone then it is important to make sure that you do not restrict the Maintenance period to shorter than the amount of time required to perform the archiving and other maintenance activity.

If the "Archive after" is less than 4 hours, archiving takes place every four times per period
(e.g. 4 hours = hourly, 2 hours = every 30 minutes).

If the "Archive after" is less than one week, archiving takes place once per day.

Otherwise it takes place once per week.

Configuration tips

1 - For more details about Archiving read: Archiving with AFX

2 - For detailed infomation on working with Archives read: KB09103001 Working with Archives

3 - Advanced Archiving: Archive on Size
Mailtraq normally archives based on Time - how long a message has been stored. It is possible to set Mailtraq to archive on the size of the mailbox. Read more about Archive on Quota...


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