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Using calendars

Mailtraq provides a full function Calendaring, Invitation management and Reminder system from the 'Calendar' menu in webmail.

The system is designed to be intuitive to use - and there are detailed instructions below.

Webmail calendars can be shared with other Users and also synchronized with Outlook accounts.

Read more about Calendars here

How to Create Events in Webmail Calendars


Calendar New Event
The [Add Event] appears on the Calendar dialog viewed in Webmail and configures the event description, its location, its importance, the date/time and its time zone.


Enter a brief description to identify this event when looked at on the Calendar.


Enter the location the event is to take place.


Enter either a category classification for the event or use the numerical value to rank the importance of the event.

Busy during event

Enabling the check box will mark the time slot taken by the event as busy.  Other users will understand that the event makes the user unavailable at that time.

All day event

The event in question will take up the entire day.

Start time

Clicking the drop down list will bring up a calendar to choose the starting date/year of the event.  The time of the event is managed with the drop down lists representing hours and minutes.

End time

Clicking the drop down list will bring up a calendar to choose the ending date/year of the event.  The end time of the event is managed with the drop down lists representing hours and minutes.

Time zone

Select the applicable time zone the event is to take place in.  The time zone feature will allow other users in different time zones to synchronize with the event schedule.

Invitations appears on the Add NewEvent dialog and configures the current list of invited users to the event and users to be invited.

Current Invitees (click on the Event in the Calendar view)

The list displays users already invited to the event.  Important fields of interests to watch for is the status of the invited user and the comments the user has sent back.

Add Invitations ...

Enter the email addresses of newly invited users to the event.  Note: users other than Mailtraq users can be invited.

Send Invitations ... minutes before the event starts

Enter via the drop down list the number of minutes before the event email invitations are to be sent to the users invited. 

Invitees can see the participation list

Enabling the check box will allow users to view the event invitees via the Calendar Webmail interface.

Calendar Event - Reminder
The Reminder appears on the Calendar Event dialog and configures when and to whom reminders for the event are to be sent out.

Send Reminders

Enable the check box to send reminders.

Reminder go out ... minutes before the event

Use the drop down list to select the number of minutes before event reminders are to be sent out.

Reminders sent to the following addresses

By default invited users will appear in the list of users to be reminded.  Other users may be added by entering their email addresses in the text box.

Calendar Event - Repeat
Repeat appears on the Calendar Event dialog and configures the frequency of the event.  If the event is a reoccurring event, then it must be configured here.  The reoccurrence of the event can be configured for daily, weekly, and monthly but not all combinations are possible.  Another Calendar event may be needed to recreate all situations.

Do not repeat

By default Calendar events are enabled to be non-repeating.

Repeat every

Select the schedule for the event to be repeated ( i.e. daily, weekly, monthly ).  Note: if the combination of day/week/month cannot be replicated try creating another Calendar event.

From ... to ...

Select the start and end dates from the drop down list.  Clicking on the drop down list will bring up a calendar to select the dates.  Note: if there is no start date selected the date of creation of the event is used.  If no end date is selected then the reoccurrence will not end. 

Configuration Tips

1.) Calendar Events

Calendar Events are also configurable by the system Administrator direct in the Console.
     The Events-tab mirrors the web-page entries. 

2.) AM/PM - 24 hr

Calendar entries default to using the 24-hour clock. You can switch to am/pm display by selecting that option in the Standard
WebMail | Options | Mail Settings dialog at: 'Display Message Time in Browser'.

The calendar display will follow that selection.

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