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KB05100401 Configuring Mailtraq to work with MessageLabs/SymantecCloud

"MessageLabs operates a Global Infrastructure of email scanning towers. Each individual tower contains a number of different servers that together provide the complete MessageLabs Service. Each server can be assigned any IP from within the provided range. By accepting connections from this range of addresses you ensure that mail can be rerouted to different servers if necessary."
 (See MessageLabs (now Symantec.Cloud) website

Step 1. Setting your MX Records

MessageLabs will have instructed you in their 'Welcome Letter' on how to set your MX records to work with their service.

Step 2. Setting your Firewall and Router

If you have a Firewall you will need to set it to allow Port 25 traffic to and from the machine that Mailtraq is installed on. This is still safe as Mailtraq provides an internal firewall around the connection.

You will also need to set your router to forward Port 25 traffic to the Mailtraq machine.
If you don't know how to configure your router this website explains how.

Step 3. Configure Mailtraq's SMTP service

You need to configure Mailtraq so that it can receive mail from their towers but not from anywhere else on the Internet.

Mailtraq installs automatically in a safe manner and is not an open relay. If you have made changes to the SMTP settings since installation you can check the original settings here.

MessageLabs will ask you to accept connections from a range of IP addresses.

Open the Mailtraq Console,
Options | Services
and select the SMTP - Mail Server Port 25, Properties and select the Access Control tab:


Change the default setting to Option 3 and then in the white box below titled 'Limit access to the IP address ranges listed below' enter the range of IP addresses that Message Labs gives you. Ensure that you enter all the ip addresses/ranges that MessageLabs give you, or you will not receive all your mail.

Remember that Mailtraq sets IP Address ranges with an asterisk: For example


     Read more about Access Control...


Mailtraq will now only accept SMTP connections from MessageLabs and your local users.






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