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KB05111704 Connecting mobile devices

Direct Connection

You can connect smart-phones such as the Android, iPhone or Blackberry directly to Mailtraq to collect and send mail, as well as older devices such as the Treo or Windows Mobile.

You will get the best results by using the IMAP service in Mailtraq. That way your mail stays on the server and you can view it from your phone, laptop or desktop.

Configuring the Client

This example configuration screen is from a Treo 600 using POP3 Snappermail but other devices and IMAP4 are set-up in a similar way.

Incoming mail

POP3 Server: Use the public facing IP address of your Mailtraq
Username: Your mailbox in Mailtraq
Password: Your Password in Mailtraq

Outgoing Mail
SMTP Server: Use the public facing IP address of your Mailtraq
Username: Your mailbox in Mailtraq
Password: Your Password in Mailtraq

In Server Settings | More , SMTP Settings, enable
[x] POP before send

The client 'Identity' settings, such as your name and email address should match your name and email settings in Mailtraq.

Blackberry Devices

There is a Blackberry knowledgebase article here ...
There is also an FAQ on connecting the Blackberry available here in the Mailtraq Forum.

Configuring Mailtraq

Mailtraq by default will reject attempts to relay mail from clients that are outside the LAN, so you will need to adjust the SMTP Service settings to allow your mobile device to send mail via Mailtraq.

This is explained in this article: KB05111702 Allowing controlled Relaying

If you are using IMAP for mobile email you will need to use SMTP-Auth. (as there is no POP3 collection to use as the authentication-proxy) to get Mailtraq to accept outbound messages for onward delivery (Relaying). If you do not want to force all your local users to Authenticate, you should add an additional SMTP Service (Options | Services, ADD) on Port 587 with relaying configured to:

[x]  Use SMTP User Authentication

You will also need to allow access to Port 587 on your external router and NAT or Port Forwarding from Port 587 to the Mailtraq machine.

Indirect Connection

Some mobile service providers offer collect and forward services for their devices - sometimes known as push-email. Mailtraq's IMAP Service will provide direct push-email (IMAP-IDLE) to suitably software enabled mobile devices.

The account should be set to collect and send mail as described above.

Configuration Tips

You will need to allow external connections to port 110 (POP3) and port 143 (IMAP) to be forwarded to the Mailtraq machine.

Event Log
The wireless layer adds complexity to the configuration - if you are having problems connecting your mobile device to Mailtraq examine the Mailtraq Event Log to confirm that Mailtraq is receiving the connection.

Collecting messages
If you are using your mobile device on the same mailbox as you normally use, you will need to consider how collections will be handled. For example, POP3 collections by a mobile device may remove all messages from the Mailtraq mailbox, thus leaving nothing for the normal email client to collect, or vice versa.
Alternatives to consider are having dedicated mailboxes for mobile devices to collect from, using IMAP rather than POP3, using webmail on the mobile device.

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