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Email barring

Barring Tab
Email barringThis tab appears on the Inbox Properties dialog and itself contains two tabs, Bar mail sent from... and Bar mail addressed to..., entries in which cause Mailtraq to reject incoming messages before downloading them when matching entries are found in the sender or recipient addresses, respectively, in the SMTP envelope.

Mail can be barred based on the sender's email address or based on the email address of the recipient by typing entries, one per line, into the appropriate dialog. The entries are interpreted from top to bottom by Mailtraq.

The message issued by Mailtraq when mail is rejected can be specified in the Message to Send when address is barred edit box.

The address lists in both dialogs support the following placeholders or wildcards, which can be used individually or in conjunction with each other.

* An asterisk, which represents any sequence of zero or more characters
? A question mark, which represents any single character
% A percentage sign, which represents any single number
~ A tilde (ASCII 126), which is used to exclude a wildcard specification

Mail Barring Reports
Mailtraq can be configured to send a formatted mail barring report in an email message on a regular basis to a specified address. Select the following for further information on this feature:-

Content Barring
Content barring rules can be applied to all mail passing through Mailtraq's inbound router. Click on Options | Content Barring and check one or more barriers which should be applied by Mailtraq.

The Content Tab, which appears on the Content Barriers dialog, provides access to a phrase file, the contents of which are compared by Mailtraq against the data being scanned by the content barrier. Web pages which match entries in the phrase file are added to the Ban Cache to prevent further access.

Phrase File
The default phrase file is \database\configuration\cbar\default.txt which contains a predefined set of encoded phrases which provide a suitable base for monitoring web content for students. A new phrase file can be created by entering a filename and extension into the text box, for example "sample.txt" (without the quotes), clicking on the  button and responding "Yes" when asked "Do you want to create a new file?" An existing phrase file can be specified by clicking on the  button and selecting a file in the cbar folder from the standard Windows file dialog.

The Default Internet Content Barring Phrase-File scans for sexually explicit material. The file consists of a word or phrase per line. The default values consist of the 'expected' English-language words and phrases. These values are marked with lines beginning with ~ and are encrypted. You can add your own phrases, using spaces to represent whitespace (begin and end a line with spaces to match whole words). Care should be taken with modifications to this file to avoid the creation of inadvertant bans.

Phrase File Syntax
Only characters a-z and 0-9 are permitted in phrase files. All other characters are treated as single character wildcards except numerics which are removed by Mailtraq before using the specified phrase file. Entries should be made one per line. To trap whole words only, prefix and suffix the phrase with a single space. For example, an entry of "soft" (without the quotes) traps "soft", "SOFT", "Microsoft" and "softly" but an entry of " soft " traps only the word "soft", regardless of its capitalisation.

Configuration Tip

If no messages are being received by Mailtraq ensure that inappropriate wildcards have not been placed in either of these tabs. For example, an entry of *@* rejects all messages offered to Mailtraq if it is placed in either the Bar mail sent from... tab or the Bar mail addressed to... tab.


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