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KB06031701 Support - How to take a screenshot

This is the recommended method (see Configuration Tip below to see why) for capturing a screenshot to send to Support. It uses a piece of free software called Irfanview - which is a simple image viewer.


Download and install Irfanview from their website:

Have the view of Mailtraq that you wish to capture on the screen.



1 - Capture the view - Shift+PrintScreen in most versions of Windows

This will place a copy of the screen into Windows clipboard.

Alt+PrintScreen will copy the active window or dialog.


2 - Open Irfanview

In Irfanview - Edit | Paste

This will place an image of the screen into Irfanview

Crop to size if needed

    1. In Irfanview, do a marquee-select (left-click and drag to make a selection window)
    2. Crop to selection using (Ctrl+Y)

3 -  Save the file

Use PNG or GIF format - this is important as it produces a small file suitable for sending by email while retaining detail


Configuration Tip

Don't use Microsoft Word

There are numerous other ways to capture screen images - however, some methods (such as pasting a screen image into a MS Word document) produce very large file sizes which may be spam trapped. Many organizations - including Mailtraq Support - set maximum size limits on incoming emails to prevent abuse, or filter out filename.doc attachments.

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