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Webmail Options menu


Webmail Users: User access to certain 'Options' is controlled by the Administrator. If you cannot see an 'option' in your webmail view - check with your Administrator to see if it has been enabled in your account.


The Webmail Options page has a number of sections to allow the User to control numerous aspects of how their webmail works - access to the Options is controlled from the Webmail Admin page.



  • Personal Profile
  • Password
  • Mail Settings
  • Mail Folders
  • Mail Filters
  • Calendaring Settings
  • Anti-spam
  • Phrase Library



Personal Profile

Set language webmail presents (Automatic, English, German, Espanol, French, Dutch, Portugese, Swedish)

Set User's current time zone.

Note the importance of selecting the accurate location as Mailtraq uses this information to calculate the DST (daylight savings time) rules.

 -5:00 Bogota is not the same as -5:00 Eastern as the DST rule is different.

DST errors can result in Events showing at unexpected times in shared calendars. 


Changes the User's Webmail login AND their mailslot (POP3, IMAP, AUTH) password

Mail Settings

Display Settings

Number of messages to show in each browser page (Default, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100)
Display Message time in Browser (Hide, 24hr, am/pm)
Number of Columns (Width) in Message Editor (Default, 40 - 150)
Number of Rows (Height) in Message Editor (Default, 5 - 100)
Minutes between auto-saves 5/10/20/30/60

Spell Checker

Language to use in Spell Checker


Autoresponder or 'Out of Office'

Enable the Autoresponder to automatically respond to incoming mail with custom text.
Read more about Autoresponder or Out of Office response in Mailbox Services.


Enables the mailbox to automatically forward copies on incoming mail to the email addresses specified.

Mail Profiles

Create and manage multiple user-profiles (each with different signatures, reply-to etc)

Enable Signatures
Custom Reply-to address
Custom From address
Custom From name
Custom settings for 'Begin message Replies text'
Custom settings for 'Begin message Forwards text'

Setting the Reply-to and From Addresses, etc, changes the apparent origin of the message that is being sent. In a multi-domain environment, this allows a single user 'jane' to easily send mail from any domain listed in the main Console - Options | Server - Domain Aliases section, thus from:

Jane Doe < >  or John Buck < >

Profiles are generally remembered from email to email, so a sender will be 'jane' or 'john' until they change.

Profile changes should be applied before starting a new email, or relpying to an email.

Remember to apply the [Save changes] button at the bottom of the page.


Mail Folders

Create and manage multiple folders to for mail sorting. Folders can be 'nested' to form logical groups.

Note: You can use slashes (/) to nest your folders (e.g. Groups/Biz/Important)

Mail Filters

Message Filters are used to automatically move incoming mail into the appropriate folders. Filters are applied in order, and only the first filter that matches is used.

Messages can be filtered on:

  1. From

    and that Contain or do not contain specified text.
  2. Message Size
  3. Message Priority

and then automatically sorted into Mail Folders.
Filters may be run on selected mailboxes at any time.

Calendaring Settings

Week starts on Sunday/Monday
Maximum Events to show each day in the Month view (1 - 100)
Maximum Events to show each day in the Week view (1 - 100)

Shared and Additional Calendars to display in the main calendar. Additional calendars and shared calendars are set from the main Mailtraq Console.

Anti-spam Settings

These settings are available if enabled in the Admin page of Webmail.

Enable Anti-Spam System  
Analyze mail on arrival 
Move to Folder... Leave in original folder/Sent Items/Drafts/Deleted Items/Junk Mail  
If possible, reject mail as it is being received 
Select a shared anti-spam database, or use '.' to use the personal database.

Phrase Library

The Phrase library is a CRM Messaging feature that enables an unlimited number of user-created phrases, or short sections of text, to be stored for insertion into the body of an email.

Stored phrases can be used to ensure consistency of response in Sales and Customer Support situations and provide increased productivity by allowing speedy replies in common or repeating situations.

Read more in CRM Messaging Services 



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