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KB06070501 Modifying the Mailtraq Registry entry

In some circumstances when working with advanced configuration it is beneficial to have access to additional logging services for Memory Logging, Debugging, or access to the SQL Console.

Access to these services needs to be enabled by modifying the Windows Registry Entry for Mailtraq.


Shut down Mailtraq before modifying the Registry
- and the new value will be applied on re-starting.

Before making any modifications it is recommended that you create a restore point using System Restore or take a full backup of the Registry. 

If you are unfamiliar with working on the Registry please read this Microsoft support document.



Adding a Registry Value


Add a new String Value: DebugFlags to this location:

32-bit machines

64-bit machines

(Note "Wow6432Node") 


Then set the Data entry as follows:


Example: enable memory logging

This example enables detailed memory logging in the main Mailtraq Event Log.
Different values (listed below) provide other functions.



Add the 'Value data'

memlogging=1 to enable advanced memory logging

Click OK

The Data column will show memlogging=1


Other flags...

There are a number of Registry Flag settings available

memlogging=1            will enable advanced memory logging
sqlconsole=1               will enable access to a SQL Console in Mailtraq's Console, Tools menu
TestOutRouter=1         will enable the high volume router and DNS Resolver. Tracking is reduced.
calendarlogging=1       will enable detailed Calendar logging
hideinstallationnode=1 will hide the Mailtraq account node in the Console-tree after reboot. (Build 3186+)


Extended use
The Data value can have multiple comma-sep. entries - for example: 
memlogging=1, sqlconsole=1, TestOutRouter=1


Other settings

It is also possible to set a custom location for the mail\inbox and mail\archive folders for the standard AFX database.


These settings would be used in large setups to spread the installation over several disks. It is important to note that these disks must be local (on the same machine) to the Mailtraq installed system (exe)



Enable Advanced Debug

debug=1 to enable advanced debugging

You can monitor the advanced debug output by using the Debug Monitor program available from here:

Advanced Registry Modification

For more detailed information see KB Article: KB07071301 Registry Keys

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