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KB06122001 Managing the Postmaster mailbox

How to empty the Postmaster mailbox.

Why would I want to do this?

When Mailtraq receives mail for your domain/s it routes the mail to the appropriate local User. If mail is received for the domain but for which there is not a local User then Mailtraq calls that mail Undeliverable. The rules for handling Undelivered Mail are set in the Console at Options | Incoming Mail, Undelivered Mail-tab. An action is to forward undelivered mail to the Postmaster account. If you do not configure the Postmaster account to forward the messages to another local account then messages will accumulate in the Postmaster mailbox.

If very large numbers of messages are held in the Postmaster account attempting to open the mailbox can be very slow. The procedure below explains how to access the Postmaster account to set the local forwarding and how to purge it of messages.

Changes to the Postmaster account in Mailtraq MMC/WiX Console.

In the current versions of Mailtraq the Postmaster mailbox is created as a secondary mailbox of the 'Admin' account.
This means that for general operation you set mail forwarding in the normal way:
to send new messages to a Primary mailbox.

Managing a full Postmaster mailbox.

1) - Shutdown Mailtraq

2) - Locate the Postmaster database file, normally located here
C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\mail\inbox\postmaster.afx
and move that postmaster.afx file to a location outside the Mailtraq /database folder.
Mailtraq will automatically create a replacement mailbox on demand after restart.

3) - Restart Mailtraq - and as soon as the Console becomes available, make sure that you have set the Forwarding and Delete rule in the Postmaster mailbox.

Recovering the 'old' Postmaster mailbox

If you no longer require the messages in the old Postmaster mailbox you can simply delete the postmaster.afx file you moved in the previous step.

If you want to recover those messages, then you may use the Message Import Wizard to import them into Mailtraq. You should import them into a mailbox created for this purpose, and from there you can decide what to do with the contents.'


Advice for users of the Traditional Console



Accessing a 'full' Postmaster mailbox.


Select the Mailboxes entry in the tree-view in the left-pane of the Console.

In the right-pane, right-click on the Postmaster mailbox, and access the Properties from the context menu.

Set the Forward to ... to another local mailbox.



All new messages will now be sent to that mailbox. 

How to Purge the Postmaster Mailbox

If you have a large number of messages that you need to 'extract' from the Postmaster account, access the Properties as described above, then set to [x] Store Messages, set a POP3 password. And then OK back to the Console.

To simply delete the messages
Configure an ordinary POP3 client (e.g. Outlook Express) on the local machine or network to do a POP3 collection from Mailtraq, with the account name set to Postmaster and password as above. The messages will be pulled from the Postmaster to the client where they can be deleted.

To move the messages to another mailslot within Mailtraq
Configure a Remote POP3 Mailbox in the Console to collect from

POP3 Server:
Account/Username: postmaster
Password: as above

Set the Message Routing to a designated local mailbox. This method retains all the messages, but as every message is routed within Mailtraq you will expect a drop in performance whilst the transaction tales place.

How to prevent this issue in the future

When you have purged the messages return to the Properties dialog and set the Postmaster to forward to a local account as described above.



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