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Archiving with Firebird

Firebird Database

Firebird is a Database used in earlier versions of Mailtraq. It was replaced by AFX, which is better suited to large IMAP mailboxes, however Firebird has been retained as an option for Advanced users as it can be operated in Client - Server mode and so the database can be directly manipulated with SQL queries.
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The System Archive is a central store of messages that have been archived from mailslots.  If you enable archiving in a mailslot then your mail will be sent to there.  If you are using the Firebird Database Engine then the contents of the archive are available using the search functions and messages can be recovered from within the console.  Otherwise, you can access the file itself and search the contents with a large-file text editor or import using the Message Import Wizard.


System Archive

The System Archive is a store where expired messages are kept for a period determined by your organizational retention policy. Messages can be retained indefinitely, or for a user-configurable period of time.

Message Recovery

Messages can be recovered from the archive to their original mailbox whilst keeping their original time-stamp.

The administrator can allow Users to access their Archive direct from the Mailtraq Webmail client - included with Mailtraq Professional. The 'Search' interface enables your compliance personnel to conduct searches without help from the IT department.



The Console provides a search tool to make it easy to find and recover messages in the system.

Searches can be run on:

  • System Archives
  • All Mailslots
  • Current Mailslot
  • Selected Mailslot
  • Archive for Current Mailslot
  • Archive for Selected Mailslot

and queried by

  • Date range
  • Messages from an email address
  • Messages to an email address
  • Message Subjects
  • Words in the message content

Mailbox controls

Messages that have remained in the mailbox for a specified period can be automatically moved to the central archive, erased or forwarded to another address.

Messages can be forwarded to another internal mailbox set to act as a 'gateway' service to export messages as text files to disc, where they can be sent to tape or CD. Thus a permanent external record of all messages can be created which can then be 'interrogated' by other software tools outside Mailtraq.




Which database to use? 

Firebird is a very robust and exceptionally reliable relational database that can handle substantial loads. Firebird offers excellent concurrency, high performance, and powerful language support for stored procedures and triggers. It offers a mature code base and a proven track record - it has been used in production systems since 1981. Firebird has the ability to be operated in Client - Server mode and thus the database can be directly manipulated. Firebird may exhibit performance issues with IMAP on large databases, and for that reason Mailtraq also offers AFX

AFX is a high performance database that stores each mailbox in a separate file. It is a robust and responsive sytem and is the recommended choice for most users. AFX was first introduced as a beta option in build 2156


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