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KB08012201 Rebuilding an installation

This KB article should be used only when the conventional methods for recovering from database corruption have failed.

KB06071801 Recovering from Database corruption
KB06071802 Repairing a corrupted Firebird database

It describes a method of rebuilding your configuration and manually exporting and re-importing message stores. The general procedure is to move your existing Mailtraq installation to another machine, then create a new installation on the existing machine and rebuild your set-up.

Step 1
Install a copy of Mailtraq on another machine on your LAN.

Obtain your download from the 'Full Version' option on the 'Latest Releases' page or use the 'New Installations' option on the downloads page at your account at 

It must be the same build number and set to use the same Database as your main Mailtraq.
Do the minimum to complete the installation. Do not use the configuration wizard. Go straight to the Console and shut this temporary Mailtraq down

Step 2.
Shutdown your original Mailtraq installation.
Copy the entire database folder
Path:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database
to the temporary Mailtraq and substitute it for the Database folder on the temporary Mailtraq
Physically disconnect the temporary Mailtraq machine from the LAN.
On the original Mailtraq - rename the Database folder to - databaseold
Path:\Program Files\Mailtraq\databaseold

Step 3.
Start the Mailtraq on the temporary machine.
Open the Console.
Confirm that all your Users are there and that the Configuration looks correct.
Open the Remote POP3 collector control:
Make sure there are no collectors enabled (disable/uncheck as necessary).
Shut Mailtraq down.
Reconnect the temporary machine to the LAN.

We have now created an new 'clean' Mailtraq installation that will become your new mailserver, and have moved the damaged installation to a 'temporary' position. We will use the temporary Mailtraq as a resource to rebuild the mailserver.

Step 4.
Substitute the Configuration folder
Path:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\configuration
on the main Mailtraq with the one from the 'temporary' Mailtraq.
Restart the main Mailtraq.
You should now see all your Users and configuration but no messages.
From this point on Mailtraq will be receiving, routing and storing messages as usual.

Step 5.
Restart the temporary Mailtraq, and open the Console.
Select one of the User's blue mailboxes from tree-view.
Right click, and select Export messages.
Mailtraq will export the messages as a pair of files

Make a note of where you save the messages.
Repeat for each user.
(It is at this point that you will discover how much of your message store is recoverable, and which Users are affected by the corruption).

Step 6.
On the main Mailtraq, open the Console, go to the Tools menu.
Select 'Message Import Wizard', and select 'file format' to be:
Mailtraq .AFV/.IDX Mailbox Format (valid index)
then follow the prompts to import the User's messages from the exported files you created in Step 5.
Repeat for each user.
You may or may not be able to recover the folder structure and message allocation, depending on the nature of the corruption.

You will now have rebuilt your main Mailtraq installation and re-imported the recoverable messages.

You may discard the temporary files when you are satisfied that they are no longer required. 

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