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KB08030601 Installing clamAV ver 0.92 Anti-virus

ClamAV 0.92 has been replaced - please use the most recent version - see more...


The W32-group have discontinued further development work on this 0.92.1 edition of ClamAV.

Starting from 15 April 2010 the CVD will contain a special signature which disables all clamd installations older than 0.95

Mailtraq has replaced this implementation - read more ...

Changing to the new ClamAV Implementation

  1. Shutdown Mailtraq
  2. Use the Windows Task Manager to stop the clamd process if it does not stop automatically.
  3. Uninstall Clam AV from the Windows Control Panel
  4. Restart Mailtraq.
  5. Follow the instructions for new users - read more ...






New users should use the newer ClamAV - read more ...


You need to be running Mailtraq  or above.
See 'How to Upgrade'.

Installing Clam requires two downloads.
The first is the actual ClamAV*, the second is the threads dll that connects Clam to the server. 

1.) Download one
Getting Clam
Download and install the clamAV.msi from

Note: Do not change the default installation location

2.) Download two
Getting the threads dll
and extract that to the clamAV folder (ie C:/Program Files/clamAV)

It will extract to several folders.

Locate this folder: C:\Program Files\clamAV\Pre-built.2\lib ,
and then manually copy the file -  pthreadVC2.dll
'up' to the main C:\Program Files\clamAV   directory. 

Setting up ClamAV integration

Open the Mailtraq Console, Options | Anti Virus Integration ...

The Anti-Virus Manager will open (see image, right)

Select [x], and highlight 'CLAM' (don't worry that it says it can't connect to it yet, that is simply because you haven't told it where to find it...)

Then, with CLAM highlighted, click the [Properties] button. The 'ClamD Configuration' dialog will open.

Set ClamD to use Port 3310, (adjusting any firewall restrictions required elsewhere on your system),
Set the Path to clamd.exe to:  C:\Program Files\clamAV\clamd.exe

Then, [OK] back to the Console.

The status line should now show Installed as 'Yes' and Status as 'Operational'

Ensure the checkbox against CLAM is checked to tell Mailtraq to run the emails through CLAM.

Mailtraq will now manage starting and running clamAV.

Mailtraq can run a test against the industry standard EICAR-AV-Test by using the [Test] button in the main Manager window.
Be aware other Antivirus software on the machine can prevent the test from completing.

ClamAV writes its own log files which will be found here: C:\Program Files\clamAV\log



You should update clamAV's virus signatures regularly by running C:\Program Files\clamAV\freshclam.exe
which is included in the first download above.

This should be set to run at least daily as a Windows Scheduled task

You can confirm the update is working by checking the version status and update date & time in the Mailtraq Anti-Virus Manager dialog.

Configuration Tips

ClamAV requires access to C:\Windows\Temp directory. If that directory does not exist you should create it.



The following information is retained for existing users only.

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