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KB08082701 SyncML

This page explains how to use SyncML with Outlook, Thunderbird and generic devices. Blackberry devices are covered here.

What is SyncML?
SyncML is a protocol to synchronize contact and calendar information (PIM - personal information manager) between mobile devices, such as a smartphone and a network-based service, for example an email server such as Mailtraq.

SyncML is also used to provide interoperability across different platforms, so that for example, Outlook and Thunderbird clients can both connect to Mailtraq to synchronize contacts and calendars.

SyncML is the ideal tool for synching mobile or remote devices with your Mailtraq server.
Mailtraq also provides MOS - a dedicated Mailtraq to Outlook Synchronization tool. Read more...


Configuration Tip: Read about 'Working with Contacts & Address Books' as a first step.

These sync services have been tested through Outlook 2013.
Structural changes to Outlook 2016 may affect the behavior of the sync tools and restrict their effectiveness.


Using SyncML for Outlook Synchronization
(Thunderbird sync is described below) 

We suggest you use this Funambol SyncML client for Outlook.

Funambol, a third party provider of free to use sync plug-ins also provide this Version 9 GUIDE to Outlook synchronization - remember though that any example settings must be replaced with settings referring to your Mailtraq installation as detailed below. Other SyncML clients are available.  See here...

All information is provided in good faith. We are unable to provide support for third-party applications.


SyncML and Outlook
Using Funambol Outlook Plug-in 9.0.1 & Mailtraq build 3286 and above

Download and install the Outlook plug-in for Funambol

Mailtraq Configuration
SyncML is handled through the SyncML service in Mailtraq.
You add this service at Services ...    It runs by default on Port 7887.

Internal (LAN) Connections
The SyncML URL is the IP Address of your Mailtraq machine, so for example

External Connections
The SyncML URL* is http://yourhost:7887 so, for example: 
You must adjust your firewall and NAT to pass Port 7887 traffic to Mailtraq.


Plug-in Configuration
The database name format is either "username/database" for a shared database
or just "database" if you wish to access one of your own databases. 
"database" can be "calendar", "contacts" or "tasks". 

So, to access your personal address book you would use "contacts" in the SyncML client, see example below.


Plug-in settings

Location - the URL of your Mailtraq webmail + :7887

Username - your Mailtraq username

Password - your Mailtraq email password 




For each of the Items you wish to synchonize you need to set the name of the database you wish to connect to in Mailtraq.

Enter the database name in the Funambol dialog "Remote name".


For PAB <-> Outlook Contacts, accept the default Outlook Contacts Folder, and enter the remote name: contacts


For GAB --> Outlook Contacts modify the default settings to those shown.


Do not include sub-folders.  



The Remote name must be changed from
the default setting provided as follows.
Capitalization and spacing is important.

Contacts <-> PAB - enter:  contacts
Contacts  <-- GAB - enter: Global Address Book/contacts
Calendar - enter:  calendar
Tasks - enter:      tasks

The 'Notes' field is not available for synchronization.

Single Sync Stream

The Funambol syncml plug-in supports only one sync stream per category, so for example, you may sync either the Personal Address Book or the Global Address Book.

Read the important note about using Recover in Configuration Tips below

Alternative sync method for Outlook
Mailtraq also provides a dedicated MAPI-client for Outlook synchronization - see MOS for more information.
MOS is 32-bit only and is suitable for LAN use, but it does include support for multiple sync streams.

You cannot use both SyncML and MOS on the same account - you must choose one method or the other. Read more...



SyncML and Thunderbird

Calendar integration is in active development for Mozilla Thunderbird under project Lightning.

Lightning brings the Sunbird calendar to the popular email client, Mozilla Thunderbird. Since it's an extension, Lightning is tightly integrated with Thunderbird, allowing it to easily perform email-related calendaring tasks.
Read more & get Lightning Add-on ...

Funambol Mozilla Sync Client enables you to sync between your Mailtraq 'Contacts and Calendars' and Thunderbird

The Funambol Mozilla Sync Client is a Mozilla extension which allows users to synchronize address book contacts and calendar appointments, between the Mozilla applications and the Funambol server, and therefore with any SyncML compliant clients, such as mobile phones, PDA, etc.
Read more & get Sync Add-on


Sync configuration is generally as described above for the Outlook plug-in.
Users should be aware that all components are under active development by their various teams and may exhibit beta characteristics.


Configuration Tips: Recover

If the information on the Server and in Outlook becomes 'out-of-step' it is possible to choose which location holds the definitive data-set and perform a 'full sync' operation to refresh all data in Outlook or on the Mailtraq server.



WARNING - Using Recover and Calendars

SyncML Recover is defined as "delete everything on the target and then add all events from the source as new events". 
The side effect is that invitation and reminder status for all events will be reset.  In turn, this will cause them all to fire again.  Invitations and Reminders will appear to recipients as 'duplicates'.

Do not use Recover from device-to-server without considering these effects.


Tip: Back-up First

It is essential that you back-up and know how to restore (see links) your:

before performing a 'Recover' in case the action fails during operation, or you chose the wrong data-set by mistake.

Backing-up Contacts

The full backup procedure for Mailtraq is covered here - but for this procedure you are only interested in having a back-up copy of the DIS.

  1. Shutdown Mailtraq.
  2. Copy this folder (default location): C:\Program Files\Mailtraq\database\dis\abooks
    to a safe location outside the Mailtraq folder structure.
  3. Restart Mailtraq.

If you need to restore the Address Book, you simply need to Shutdown Mailtraq, substitute the user.abk file and restart Mailtraq



Important - due to the nature of 'over-the-air' synchronization it is essential that users have a robust and regular back-up of their Mailtraq contact and calendars, their Outlook contact and calendars and their Blackberry information (see links).


What is the SyncML URL ?

* SyncML is handled through the SyncML Service in Mailtraq. 

Therefore, the SyncML URL is http://yourhost:7887  such as however, if you do not have an A-Record associated with webmail you can just use the public facing IP address of your Mailtraq installation.

For example,

Your IP address is reported to you in the Mailtraq Console, by selecting the Installation entry at the top of the tree. You will need to ensure that you have NAT or Port Forwarding on Port 7887 from your router to the Mailtraq machine.

Moving from MOS to SyncML


If you decide to move from MOS to SyncML there are several steps that you can do to make it go smoothly.
1 - ensure you have a good backup of your Outlook contacts (export the calendar and contacts pst files) and also that your Mailtraq backup is up to date.
2 - As the data is stored differently between MOS and SyncML you need to replace the current data store in Mailtraq with the one from Outlook.
Like this:
  • Do your last MOS sync and then close MOS.
  • Update your backups if there are any changes.
  • Do a one way 'Recover' operation using SyncML FROM Outlook TO Mailtraq

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