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KB08092301 Migrating from another mailserver

IMAP Migration

You can migrate readily from most other mailservers, such as MS Exchange, provided they offer an IMAP service themselves.

There are two approaches, depending on the number of users involved.

Before conducting any migration ensure you have a valid backup of both your originating and destination mail server database.

Be aware that corrupted messages or message attachments can prevent copying or migrating a mailbox.

IMAP Client method

Small scale
If you need to migrate from another mail server to Mailtraq and keep your existing mail and folders - use IMAP to make an IMAP connection (account) to Mailtraq and to your old server, then use the client (say, Outlook) to 'drag' folders from one to the other. Do one User at a time. The email client will manage the transfer for you. The 'client-to-client' method is generally robust.

Remember that copying messages is actually moving potentially large amounts of data  - maybe gigabytes so it may take some time to complete.

IMAPcopy method

Larger Installations
If you need to migrate a larger number of users from another IMAP server,

Download and unzip 'imapcopy' from the following link - IMAPCopy is a third-party tool (download here) to copy messages for multiple users from one IMAP server to another.

This contains the executable and imapcopy.cfg

Step 1.

You need to create the matching accounts in Mailtraq.  This can be done by exporting a list of users in Exchange into a .csv and using the User import wizard in Mailtraq

Step 2.

Then you need to edit imapcopy.cfg as follows :-

Set "SourceServer" to the address of the Exchange IMAP server
Set "DestServer" to the address of the Mailtraq server

At the end of imapcopy.cfg you will find the list of instructions in the form of:

copy "sourceuser" "sourcepassword" "destuser" "destpassword"

Simply use the normal 'search and replace tools' in any text editor, such as MS Notepad, to convert the .csv into this sort of format. 

Step 3.

Once the file is set up, run imapcopy.exe with imapcopy.cfg in the same directory. 


Start with just one User to confirm you have the configuration correct.

Importing Outlook PST files

Please see KB11030301 Importing Outlook PST files



Migrating Calendars and Address Books

Read: KB05081901 Working with Contacts & Address Books to understand the importance of settings and Privileges.

Before conducting any migration or synchronization process ensure you have a valid backup of both your originating and destination PIM database.

Calendars and Address Books (Contacts) can be migrated from the email client into Mailtraq's PIM system by using SyncML, to sync the client's (e.g. Outlook's) calendar and contacts with the users' personal address books and calendar in Mailtraq.

Global Address Books can be exported from the old system and imported into Mailtraq's Directory system via the Console at the Directory entry.

The 'admin' user has special properties.
If a User has System Administrator Privileges (Console | [user] | Properties | Privileges) then they will be able to make changes to the Global Address Book from their webmail account and from their Mailtraq Outlook Synchronizer (MOS or SyncML). Syncing will then make the 'admin' contacts available as the GAB.
This allows delegation of GAB maintenance


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