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KB00022401 Importing Student Lists

The first problem facing schools will most likely be the large number of users.

You will need to create a user and mailbox template, which will represent the basis for the new imports. Then you'll create the student accounts from a text file.

  1. Create a text file containing a list of every student who you wish to add to Mailtraq. Each student record should be on a separate line, and each line should contain a distinct username, a full student name, and a password. These should be separated by commas. For example

    jsmith, John Smith, js123
    kmartin, Kate Martin, km453

  2. Go to Options | Users and create a new user account called "Template". If you wish to give your users access to WebMail, enable it here (it doesn't matter what mailbox, if any, is shown). Another important setting at this stage is when the account should expire. This will save some administration time when the student leaves. If you wish to control access to news groups, specify them now as well.

  3. Next go to the File | New | User Mailbox. Create a new mailbox called "template". Ignore the Name/Description... field, but do set the Owner to "Template".

  4. Now go to Tools | Import Mailboxes and Users. Select the previously created text file. You will see that Mailtraq has arranged the data into rows and columns. Click on the column headings and change them to match the data. (By the way, if you don't specify a Username column Mailtraq will create a distinct username for each student.) Set the Mailbox Template to "template", and set the Create Matching Users... to "Template".

  5. Now just import the data!

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