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KB02050601 How do I move mail from the Remote POP3 mailbox?

Remote POP3 Mailboxes are used to collect mail from ISPs mail servers. However it can appear that messages are 'stuck' in this mailbox, and cannot be moved

A properly configured Remote POP3 Mailbox entry in Mailtraq will collect mail from the ISP and route it to the appropriate users' mailboxes within Mailtraq. However looking at the Mailtraq console with the Remote POP3 Mailbox selected will show the mail listed, even after the collection and routing process has finished, which can give the impression that the process has not worked. This is not a problem:

The Remote POP3 Mailbox shows a list of messages which are waiting for collection at the ISP. It creates this list by first asking the ISP to send it the headers, and the first few lines, of each message. Then, normally, it will mark the status as 'Download, Delete' (This can be viewed in the Status column). 'Download, Delete' tells Mailtraq to Download the message from the ISP, and then Delete the message from the ISP mailserver.

When it has done this, the message will be marked 'Fetched, Erased' (note the past tense to indicate that this has been done).

The messages will remain listed until the next POP3 collection from the ISP, at which point the list will be replaced by a list of what is currently at the ISP.

It is not possible to move (eg by drag and drop) a message from the Remote POP3 Mailbox, as the message itself isn't actually there. All that is there is a copy of the headers and the first 10 lines of the message body. The message itself will have already been routed to the appropriate mailbox.

If the status of some of the messages never changes from 'Download, Delete' to 'Fetched, Erased', see When downloading large e-mails Mailtraq disconnects before completing.

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