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Webmail Introduction

Mailtraq WebMail gives you the convenience of web based email like Gmail™ or HotMail™ while keeping control over your own private data. 

Mailtraq WebMail installs as part of Mailtraq Professional and allows Users to access their mail from anywhere in the world using a standard web-browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mac Safari etc) or Internet enabled mobile device.

The intuitive layouts, multiple language support, anti-spam, spell-checking and extensive user Options make Mailtraq WebMail the natural choice for organizations of all sizes. Mailtraq WebMail is easy to set-up and a breeze to administer.

Three Interfaces

Mailtraq provides three interfaces for webmail: 

EWA - Enhanced Web Access for IE6 and above

Standard - Cross-browser compatible for IE, Thunderbird, Opera, Mac-users etc

Mobile - 'Standard' for low bandwidth and mobile devices


EWA - Enhanced Web Access 
 Standard Webmail
Mailtraq Webmail on an Android phone 

Feature Rich
Mailtraq webmail provides a feature rich, easy to use email system designed to be used as the primary email client in your organization. It offers the full range of essential email services your users require without any additional license costs - it even includes Secure Webmail.

Mailtraq's EWA webmail provides the features of Microsoft's Outlook that you need without the hassle and expense.

Mobile Webmail  

Main Features

  • Multiple mailboxes
  • Shared mailboxes
  • Shared folders
  • Email filters
  • Full text searching
  • Multiple address books
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Spell checking
  • Secure webmail
  • Multiple domains
  • Multiple user profiles
  • Archive searching
  • Contacts & Calendars
  • Integrated spam controls


Why use Mailtraq webmail?

  • Use WebMail instead of installing mail clients on to each computer,
    and make considerable savings for your business on your software
    and administration costs.

  • Use WebMail in schools and colleges to provide students with secure, monitored email.

  • Use WebMail to provide a public access email service.



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