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Address books

Configuration Tip: Read about 'Working with Contacts & Address Books' as a first step.


Creating Address Books

Each User is provided with a 'Personal' Address Book when they are created, and they can manage that via Mailtraq webmail, and they can also query that address book from Outlook or any LDAP client.

The Admin can also create additional 'Personal' Address Books for Users via the Console if needed. Additional Address Books are also useful for managing Mailing Lists.


Mailtraq Professional users can have multiple Personal Address Books, as well as access to the Global Address Book (which holds contacts shared by all users) and access to the Local Directory.

Like calendars, each user has a primary address book (with the same name as their user account) and zero or more secondaries.  Each address book can be shared with a selected group of people.

Additional Personal Address Books are created by the system administrator in the Console, at 
User-entry | New | Address Book

Sharing can be set at the time of creation, or at a later date by right-clicking on the address book in the Console, opening the Properties, and selecting the sharing-tab.

The initial Personal Address Book for each user is named by the system - additional PABs can be named by the Admin, and this can be adjusted in the Properties.

TIP: Sharing PABs, combined with the Distribution Lists in Standard webmail,  is a powerful way of managing address lists within organizations

Importing Address Books

The Administrator can import Contacts and Address Books in common formats using the Wizard.


Default LDAP, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are supported explicitly when exported in CSV-format.

The 'Customize Map' feature allows you to configure custom filed mapping for other CSV files.


Exporting Address Books

Select the address book, and use 'Export List...' to produce a CSV file.


Export/Import issues

Some operating systems, for example Windows 7, will convert the file during export to Unicode format. The Mailtraq Import tool requires ANSI format. If the CSV file you are trying to import does not show the Available Field Maps dialog shown above then it is probably in Unicode and requires converting.  

Conversion is simple.
Open the CSV file using Windows Notepad. Then immediately save it without any modification again as a CSV format but using ANSI encoding.


Importance of User Privileges

The Admin user 'owns' the Global Address Book.

If a User has System Administrator Privileges (Console | [user] | Properties | Privileges) then they will be able to make changes to the Global Address Book from their webmail account and when synchronizing.

Care needs to be taken in assigning Administrator Privileges to users to avoid inappropriate actions from degrading the contact lists.


Read about other Group Ware features included with Mailtraq Professional:



Information for existing older-Mailtraq users

Multiple address books were introduced in Mailtraq build 1774.  Previously, each user had a personal address book and all users shared the global address book.  Now, each user can own one or more address books.

Mailtraq Assistant was updated to support this feature.

WebMail was also updated to support this feature.

Mailtraq 1774+ can only operate with build 84+ of Mailtraq Assistant (included in the 1774+ downloads).  Similarly, Build 84+ of Mailtraq Assistant requires build 1774+ of Mailtraq.

Users of Mailtraq Assistant's Outlook Synchronisation feature will need to re-configure their copies of Mailtraq Assistant. 


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