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KB11101901 AFX Viewer

Mailtraq stores messages in AFX database files, one for each mailbox.

The backup system within Mailtraq copies these files for storage.

This utility makes it possible to use those archived AFX files for searching and accessing messages and directly managing AFX message stores.


This utility also enables you to manually index the backed up database files, so that they may be substituted for live AFX files in \database\mail\inbox\ - Mailtraq MUST be shut down when doing such a substitution - or they can then be read by the Message Import Wizard to import messages into a specified Mailbox.

You can get the utility here: [Download]
AFX Viewer
The AFX Viewer should be used on backup or externally (to Mailtraq) stored AFX files.
It is not intended to be used on the 'live' AFX store within the Mailtraq data structure.
Mailtraq must always be shut down when moving or copying files within the Database.
Tools menu allows one to:
Start Indexing
Convert Fast Backup
Remove Deleted Messages


AFX files have two types of index: the column indices (used to sort messages) and the keyword search index (used for content searching).  
Convert Fast Backup
The "Fast Backup" (opposite of "Quick Restore" option explained in Backup) is an AFX file without any indices (both types) which is fast to write to.  "Convert Fast Backup" checks that the column indices are present and if not it adds them, indexing in the process.  
Start Indexing
The "Start Indexing" command starts the keyword indexing system where each message is opened and parsed for keywords, then the keywords are saved in a full-text search column.  "Indexed Messages" (shown on the status bar) is a count of messages with searchable keywords.
Messages can be searched for using the AFX Viewer.
Index first
Indexing must first be performed in order to use the AFX Viewer to search for messages.
You can use the Tools to copy selected messages to a new AFX file, and you can select additional messages and copy them to the same AFX file and it will add them.

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