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Mailtraq Anti-spam features

Mailtraq provides the very best power features to counter spam, that can be used individually or in combination. All included with your Mailtraq Professional License:
premium anti-spam at no extra charge.

The Anti-spam 'big-five': for the most effective spam control.

  • 1 Greylisting
    Probably the single most effective tool to defend you against spam. Read more ... 
  • 2 Connection management
    Simple control with powerful benefits
  • 3 Dynamic Blacklisting (DBL)
    Consults 3rd party databases listing known sources of spam
    • Unique ability to combine results from several databases 
    • Results can be used by mailbox analysis by Bayesian intelligent protection. 
      Read more ...

  • 4 SpamAssassin
    SpamAssassin is an open-source mail filter project designed to identify spam. 
    It uses a diverse range of tests and has been shown to be very effective in separating spam from non-spam mail.
    It is included with Mailtraq.
  • SpamAssassin integrates multiple techniques and is being continuously updated and extended so it has an advantage over other anti-spam systems.  Read more ... 

  • Bayesian intelligent Anti-spam 
    Highly effective system recognises spam based on its contents
    • Configurable per-user or system-wide
    • Doesn't require subscriptions to 3rd party services
    • No additional costs
    • Risk-free: notifies senders if mail gets trapped
      Read more ...


  Follow the 1 -2 -3 - 4 - 5 Creating the most powerful anti-spam system

Setting up anti-spam:
The most effective spam control is achieved by using the 'big-five' layers of protection that Mailtraq provides. We recommend the following strategy.

  1. Enable Greylisting. Go to Tutorial ...
  2. Enable Connection Management. Go to Tutorial ... 
  3. Dynamic Black List controls. Go to Tutorial ...
  4. Spam Assassin plug-in to increase the effectiveness.
    Go to Tutorial ... 
  5. You can fine tune the anti-spam system. Enable the Bayesian Anti-spam system and learn how the controls work by following the Tutorials. Go to Tutorial ...

Also provided: Security and Anti-spoofing Tools 

SMTP Controls
Mailtraq provides rDNS-lookup in a full range of SMTP controls to protect you from spam.
     Read more ...
 Sender Policy Framework - SPF
SPF fights return-path address forgery and makes it easier to identify spoofs.
     Read more ...
Backscatter Mitigation
Mailtraq provides backscatter mitigation to reduce the amount of spam your system has to manage. Mailtraq will reject bounces to sent to 'users' who do not exist on your system. 
     Read more ...
DomainKeys is an e-mail authentication system designed to verify the DNS domain of an E-mail sender and the message integrity. DomainKeys adds a digital signature to the mail message.
          Read more ...
Challenge & Response
Mailtraq will reject suspected spam at SMTP and the 'challenge & response' system will allow the sender of the rejected message to resend their email and be sure it will get through.
     Read more ...
 Users e-mail address Control
Mailtraq introduces an e-mail address that have an explicit expiry in it. Mailtraq also allows users to completely conceal their 'real' email address - but still automatically receive messages.
     Read more ...
Auto-Learn & White Listing
The flip side of anti-spam: making sure that your regular correspondents are not rejected.
     Read more ...
 Connection Management
Easy to use contols to reduce spammers connections by up to 90%.
    Read more ...



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