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Archiving in Mailtraq

Real Archiving & Retrieval - not just message storing

Mailtraq has been producing innovative messaging solutions since 1997; creating a reliable and comprehensive email server at a very affordable price, and then constantly improving it.

Mailtraq is your low cost, easy to administer solution for E-Discovery problems.

Now Mailtraq has done it again - creating the best email server package available for corporate use at a price that even small businesses can afford.

"Mailtraq Professional Edition has full Archive and Indexed Search facilities - low Total Cost of Ownership is a principle focus."

Mailtraq Professional assists with email compliance requirements. The system, suitable for even large Installations, is designed for organizations that need an effective, robust email server that helps them to meet email compliance regulations, whether for regulatory requirements such as e-Discovery, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPPA or SEC, for risk management, or to cope with the ever rising threats of law suits.

Archiving gives the mail Administrator a number of options to manage email archives and also allows individual users access to their mail archives direct from Mailtraq webmail but prevents them from deleting messages that must be retained for compliance purposes.

Archiving Options
Mailtraq Professional provides four approaches to Archiving.

True Archive

Many governments define mail retention requirements for corporations, making it mandatory for you to have a history of all email for a required period.  Archiving, included in your Mailtraq Professional license,  provides a robust searchable store of messages from which one can recover an 'old' message, and full controls over when messages are moved to Archive. Read more...

'Copy' Records

Administrators sometimes do not want to run full Archiving, but still want to keep a copy journal of incoming and outgoing messages. Mailtraq has simple functions to make this very easy. Read more...

Stand-alone Archive

Mailtraq can also be installed in an existing mail-flow to provide a low cost archive and recovery system on its own, or in conjunction with your existing mail server even if it is not Mailtraq. Read more...

File System Storage

Mailtraq's main archiving system compresses messages and stores them in a database for efficient disk usage. An alternative is to use Uncompressed File System storage.
Read more ...


Why archive email?

Federal E-Discovery rules, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA and SEC regulations all require comprehensive email retention, and provide severe penalties for non-compliance.

It is essential for businesses and organizations to both retain email and be able to recover emails from archive in a timely manner in order to be compliant with much current legislation.



more Corporate Email tools

Mailtraq provides a series of tools for managing email in the corporate environment.


Address control

Content Barring

Multiple address books





Message Search




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