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Autoresponders are just one of dozens of Features in Mailtraq.   Read about them all here.


Auto-Responders allow Mailtraq to automatically answer e-mail messages with pre-defined responses.

'Out-of-office' autoresponder

Mailtraq provides the ability to automatically respond to messages received in a mailbox.

This can be used to automatically provide information or for 'out-of-office' responses.

Responses can be set here in the Console Mailbox Properties by the mail system administrator.

Using webmail
Administrators can allow Users to configure their own responses by using the built-in webmail system.

A KB article explains how: here

 Autoresponder  Tools

Mailtraq 2.14 provides additional tools to ensure that auto responses do not mis-behave or annoy recipients.

Do Not Respond List
Users can add names to a permanent do-not-reply list

Only Respond to Inbox-folder
Mailtraq can be configured to ignore messages that are sorted into folders other than the Inbox.

This allows Users to configure mail-filters to route regular correspondence to mail-folders to prevent an automatic response to those messages.


Already Responded List
Every time the auto-responder replies to a message, it caches the return path and will not reply again for a set period of time.


User Access

Users can be given access to directly manage their autoresponder setting by logging into Standard webmail - even if they normally use another email client.



Autoresponders can also be set as a Calendar event. 


The autoresponder will be automatically set or disabled according to the schedule set in the Users Calendar.

Calendars are set from the User's webmail account. See Standard webmail


Read more about Calendars here ...






Mailing List Public Mail Archives

A unique facility, the Public Archives allow users to request messages that are stored in them. Archives are the ideal way to support discussion forums (where users can examine older messages), or to provide a number of standard documents on request. In addition, some of these documents can be templates (using the scripting facilities) that automatically execute when retrieved. The ideal way to connect to a database and get the latest prices.

Archives can be configured as mailing list subscribers to automatically add delivered messages, and both retrieval and addition access can be limited to specific users.

Mailtraq can provide automatic response to messages in a variety of ways. The archives can respond automatically with default messages, or use the subject line to return a specific message. Mailing lists can acknowledge all posted messages automatically with a user defined script or message.

List Archives are created from the Console | <user> | New menu.

There is extensive Context Help available for configuration.





Mailtraq 2.11 saw a number of service improvements to the Mail-tab.

For users of older Mailtraqs we provide this reference image.




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